Explosive Marketing Truths

Who do you trust online?

As you might be just starting
out your business development
you can easily see that there
is a lot a junk out there.

If you have been online for
a while, then you really know
that there can be a lot of
junk out there and people
who may be unethical in their

Let me give you couple examples.

* People claiming to keep your
info private and then sell it
to others.

* Marketers promoting products
without any prior knowledge of
the products.

* Marketers using tricky
subject lines to their emails
like “Verification needed” or
New commission earned.

* Adding black hat technology
that puts code on your computer
without your approval.

I hope you get my point thus
far.  You need to be wary of
what is online, just like
being wary of the unethical
guy who sells you a lemon of
a car, or people pulling scams
looking for up front payments,
who never show up to do the

I want to share something that
happened to me a while back
that gains your trust and puts
you on the right track to success.

But first, I have some truths
for you to ponder today.

Here is the truth right now.

Truth #1: I am not a millionaire,
but I would consider myself a
thousandaire.  I have made money
though affiliate sales, usually
of products that I own, or have
personally reviewed.

Truth #2: I occassionally promote
if there is a product from a
marketer I have been involved with
before as well as I know what you
will expect to receive from them.

Truth #3: I will do my best to
update you everyday…often two times
with the occasional third if I know
there is a live event I want to
remind you about

Truth #4: I am human and my grammar
might be off now and again.

Truth #5:I have a full time job as
a science teacher, bowling and
lacrosse coach…Remember, I am not
making millions yet, but have been
successful thus far and continue
to grow and help others

Truth #6: If you email me I will
do my best to answer accordinly.
A lot of other marketers will send
you to a help desk and you will
never have contact with them

Truth #7: I have spent well over
$15,000 on marketing courses,
software, LLC set up and more and
am willing to share the knowledge
gained so that you do not have to.

Truth #8: You will not get rich, today
tomorrow or next week.  I have been
online testing our and educating
myself in all aspect of online
marketing for about 3 years now.

Truth #9: You have to spend some
money to earn some money.  Whether
it is through paid ads, hosting
services, autoresponder services
and much more.

Truth #10: being active in groups,
forums and social networks can be
extremely beneficial to your growth,
if you do it the correct way.

There are many more truths to
working online, but we can go
further into them in another

So back to the story I was going
to mention to you that is going
to help build the relationship
with you.

I will call it “explosive”

You see, I was a Peace Corps
Volunteer from 1998-2000 in the
Solomon Islands, which is in the
South Pacific.

These happy isles, had their moments
where I was not so happy, or feeling

You see, I usally prepared my own
food while I was there.  I knew
whether the food was cooked well
enough to kill any harmful pathogen.

I trusted myself.

The question arose in whether I
trusted their cooking and the way
they handled their food.

Anyways, while I was there, I was
able to participate in a few feasts!

The look of those long rows of
banana leafs laid out with freshly
cooked wild pig, reef fish and
harvested river fern and baked
tapioca pudding, still brings
saliva running though my mouth.

The problem was though in who was
handling the food.  It may have
been touched by a few people
too many. 

Then it might have been sitting
for a while with flies hovering
over to get their take, while
students tried to fan them away.

Anyways, the food always appeased
my palate on the way down, though
I usually paid for it later.

You have all been there before…

The cramping, gas and pain. 

Yeah, I had them all, but never
as bad as one night after hanging
out with the whole school.

As we sat watching a movie during
our Friday night entertainment (we
had generator run power a couple
hours each night in the jungle) I
started to feel the cramping coming

I suffered through the pain like
you probably have as well, until
I knew it was beyond the point I
should have stayed.

Things were moving in my intestines
like they never have before.

I felt that if I relaxed for even
one moment, there would be an
extremely embarrassing momemt on
my hands.

I was not relaxed in any sense of
the way.

I was able to leave the area where
students were, calling it a night
and headed back to my house.

I never made it in time…

The cramps got so bad, that I
litterally could not take another
step without feeling as though
my inner life was going to launch
out of me.

The sweats came and I tried
to breath slowly…no luck, but the
cramping temporarily subsided.

I started to walk up the hill and
the next wave came even more intense.

The hill had a little ridge path, with
some depressed areas on the side of

There came my welcomed relief.

As this rush of sweat, nausea and
cramping overcame me and I could not
squeeze hard enough to keep from
blowing, I was able to drop my shorts.


That’s what I will call it…I had
so much blow out of me, that I felt
ill thinking about it.

I am thankfull for the fact that
I was in the middle of the jungle
and there were no lights lining
the path to my house.

I quickly pulled the short back on
and made the additional 100 or so feet
to my house where I proceeded to clean
up and go to bed in pain.

Off the top of my head, I do not remember
how long I felt ill after my explosive
episode (I have to go back and read my
journals to get my dates straight) though
this is something I will never forget.

We even had a running joke amongst the
Peace Corps VOlunteers, that “You were
never really a volunteer until you crapped

I had officially made it in more than one

Now, hopefully I didn’t gross you out
or turn you off too much.

My whole point in doing this was to
share a little of myself and let you
know I am an honest person.

I am not one to sugar coat things.

I am one to push you hard so that you
can succeed.

We all have our times of embarrassment
and what makes us stand out is how well
we persevere after this.

In the online world, we might also make
mistakes or have major problems that need
to be addressed. The more open and honest
you are with people, the better your
success rate will be.

So here is one final truth today.

Truth #11: If you are not honest with
the people you work with, you will
struggle to achieve any success and they
might even spread bad rumors about your

I promise to do right by you and
always give you the truth about
what I know online.

The truth is that our online friend
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Here’s to doing right by people and
sticking with the truth.

Feel free to come share your truth too,

Dave Gardner
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