Explode Your Personal Branding with These Free Social Networks

Explode Your Personal Branding with These Free Social Networks

Article by Brandon H Johnston

Never before have we lived in a time where it was so amazingly cheap to create a brand and spread our names to millions of users in just seconds. How many YouTube sensations can you think of under the age of 21 and have never spent a dime on becoming the popular craze they are today, or even receiving hundreds of millions of views to their videos. It’s absolutely amazing, and if you aren’t taking advantage of social networking, here are three sites you need to be on to grow your brand.

1.) Facebook

This one is a no brainer. Over 500 million users world wide and growing faster than any other social network around. The great thing about Facebook is that it’s much more personable than other social networks and you can limit what your “non” friends see on your account.

2.) Twitter

The Twitter craze has just been growing like crazy ever since the media started playing around with it. Keep up to date with everyone in your marketing niche, while sharing updates with them as well. Twitter limits your “tweets” to 140 characters at a time.

3.) LinkedIn

For a more professional experience, head over to LinkedIn. More like a social networking resume web site, but still offers a lot of opportunities for growing your connections and making others aware of your brand.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three largest and most respected social networks in the game right now. They might not be at the top of the food chain forever, but if you are looking to improve your personal brand and exposure online, you need to get your name out there and on as many sites as possible.

Join these three free social networking services and you should quickly be able to find new connections, find old friends and maybe even learn some new things in the process.

About the Author

Brandon has been writing articles online for over seven years now. His latest focus is in internet marketing and blogging. You can view guest posts of his at popular web sites that focus on how to make money on facebook, and building affiliate landing pages.

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