Experts Top 10 Social Networking sites

Experts Top 10 Social Networking sites

Article by Dawn Gluskin

Following are the names of the top 10 social networking sites and a short description of what they are offering you:

1. Twitter: This is a free social networking and also a micro blogging service. Here users can send and read messages which are commonly known as tweets.

2. Facebook: Facebook provides great means to meet friends and keep up on what they are doing.

3. MySpace: MySpace is the biggest general social networking site. It is very benefical as it enables you to meet people and facilitates online conversations.

4. Youtube: This social networking site allows you to build a channel of self uploaded videos that you can share with others. This provides a great opportunity to build relationships through viral video marketing.

5. LinkedIn: You can now easily network with the professionals in your industry and others through this site. This is a way to get to know people with the same business interests as yours.

6. Classmates: This site helps in connecting you with your friends from your past. This enables you to keep in touch with old schoolmates and rekindle friendships.

7. Xanga: This is a blogging community where you can share blogs, pictures, videos and much more so that you can network with people who share the similar interests as you do.

8. Squidoo: This site is becoming popular really quickly. It enables people to create their own personal websites, which are known as lenses. They can choose o topic of their choice.

9. MSN Groups: This is a division of MSN which allows the users to network with other people in various ways that are quite different and unique and work hard to facilitate community and conversation.

10. AOL Hometown: This site is quite similar to MSN Groups. However this is produced by AOL instead. It is a community based division of AOL which facilitates your conversation with people all over the world.

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