Euroal 2012 in Torremolinos, social network analysis

Euroal 2012 in Torremolinos, social network analysis

Article by Brad Thompson

During the 2012 Euroal Tourism Fair held in Torremolinos on 17, 18 and 19 May , will study how social networks influence on markets and especially the tourism sector. Social networks are a new advertising model today for all types of business, twitter and facebook, to a lesser extent perhaps google+ and others. This factor may have increased the opportunity for destinations. The Fair will try to find strategies and perfect for keys through a good social networking to get credibility, loyalty, trust and other things little by little.

Euroal fair organizers reported that to attend the course have to be professional in the tourism sector to international or national level, users of these networks, students with the course participation is open to almost anyone who wants to join, it’s free . The course of just over 9 hours will be exhibited in the Palacio de Congresos in the municipality of Torremolinos between 3 days of the Fair divided into seven sessions. The course is led by Sonia Ruiz and delivered by the International University of Andalusia. Among the topics discussed: How and where to find info on tourism, the real influence of social networks in tourism decisions, creating brand image of destinations, will address the important issue of accessibility, among other topics closely related to Internet trends along with tourism.

Furthermore, head of the Center for Contemporary Art in Malaga go to the fair to conduct a roundtable topics will touch on Museums and RSS, in turn attend the event responsible for the Picasso Museum in Malaga and Carmen Thyssen.

To attend the Fair Euroal have to go to the beginning of Torremolinos both the highway and from the main road at some point you are with the Congress Palace Torremolinos, if you have no personal transportation or reaches Malaga holiday, we recommend car hire Malaga.

As personally think that the course and the study is timely and necessary, but from my point of view is not logical that at this point is being studied the impact of social networks, digital phenomenon whose origin began during the years 2006 and 2007 (more than 5 years) and now the tourism sector, at least at the fair Euroal of Torremolinos, may be proposed impact study and causing an image of technological backwardness and social awareness of the Internet, a delay significant enough that the organizers of the fair taught the course as a novelty, not everything will be negative and I think if this helps to improve tourism in different areas, so be it.

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