Erin Gray in a green bikini

The beautiful Erin Gray in a green bikini. From a 1986 episode of Silver Spoons.
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  1. sarkylarky says:

    Erin Gray is not even ‘my type’, but there’s something about her that I’m sure appeals to most all men. Namely her face and her voice.

  2. morgan8757 says:

    erin grey looks good in that

  3. Neil Mcintosh says:

    I think I’m dreaming…did she really say ‘Look at me, I’m like an animal on all fours!’

  4. thedriver says:

    my first crush. i had a huge boner for erin. absolutely still love her.

  5. rfriesen43 says:

    Her bikini gives me a Woody woodpecker, amazingly sexy!

  6. Attila709 says:

    The only comments I’m thinking right now are way too perverted to write.

  7. mudbutton2 says:


  8. Hotladysmokerz says:

    Such a slim, pretty, mature woman….

  9. J Calhoun says:

    I remember this from when I was a kid. Erin Gray in a bikini. That’s what I call quality television.

  10. FisherVictoria says:

    Ahhh My first TV Crush ..Erin Gray…Buck Rogers ..hah

  11. IAmJerkingOff says:

    Guess what I started doing when she got on all fours?

    Go on and guess.

  12. Kenneth Robinson says:



  13. IWannabeJew says:

    Wasn’t as prevalent. Keep your binary thoughts to yourself.

  14. theorioleguy says:

    No HFCS in the 80’s? Hey, congrats on not letting having absolutely no idea what you’re talking about prevent you from commenting.

  15. Floyd Maywheather Jr. says:


  16. Richard Alexander says:

    Erin is beautiful, but this clip only reinforces my belief that the ’80s stunk! Although I reached adulthood in the ’80s, I hate most of the music, TV shows and movies from that decade.

  17. IWannabeJew says:

    @gymkathygym Your weight means nothing without your height. Everyone was skinnier in the 80’s. Cocaine or the lack of high fructose corn syrup.

  18. IWannabeJew says:

    She could stand to drink a few milkshakes, but she’s still fine. I’m sure I could learn to approximate that phone’s ring.

  19. Gnillob802 says:

    In the 80’s TV was only NBC, CBS & ABC. Shows required much higher ratings & a broader audience. Silver Spoons (which focused on a cultured Richie Rich type boy & his carefree child-like father) had to appeal to kids, teens & adults. Most NBC sitcoms (Silver Spoons, Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes) often did comedy the 1st half, then serious “special episode” drama the 2nd half. Erin was a mom character for the kids, a love interest for the adults & sex appeal for horny teens.

  20. rudeboys28712 says:

    very flat ass, cute face, but no ass at all.

  21. SUCKMEISTER005 says:

    She’s cute, but she’s no Ned Beatty from Deliverance: 2:56

  22. Gnillob802 says:

    Notice how the writers and director created a scene that made her stand up, walk around, model all sides and “get down on all fours.”

  23. jappychap2002 says:

    One of the most beautiful women ever put on earth.

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