Ergo Social Media Marketing Washington DC – Best Practices Part1

ErgoSocialMedia.com Social Media Marketing Best Practices for your Bottom Line Series Part1; How Do I Begin Marketing Online? Hello It’s Katia BIlleci, COO of Ergo Social Media. Welcome to our 2 part series, Social Media Marketing Best Practices for Your Bottom Line. I want to talk to you about the #1 most important first step to a successful online marketing campaign. It is essential before you begin any campaign to be completely 100% clear as to the goals of the campaign. Sounds redundant, but think about it, if you don’t know what the end result should look like then how can you know if you are successful, right? If you are paying a company to run your online campaign, you need to be able hold them accountable. In speaking to our clients their next question always is, “Well, what goals SHOULD I be setting?” Well in our experience the most successful campaigns are those that accomplish 3 things • Creates and maintains a higher level of visibility on the web- specifically you want more listings and different types of listings using multimedia, so you might have a web page listed, a blog and article and a video-Google LOVES different and new info. They want their pages to have great variety and any method we can use to get Google to love us is a good method • Because online advertising is a way that most businesses are introducing themselves to their market the #2 goal of any great web marketing campaign is to establish credibility. In any relationship there needs to be a

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