EPX Body PHP Program Buy Your Own Downline Or Hype

http://www.GlobalMasterMindFormula.com/?t=yt-epxbodyphp EPX Body PHP COOP Program known as the People Helping People Movement was created to help the company…

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  1. A & R Six Figure Mentors says:

    Thank you!

  2. A & R Six Figure Mentors says:

    Yes, we should get together and I will contact you by email.

  3. Nathan Valenzuela says:

    People need to take control of their own businesses and stop relying on
    companies to build their list for them.When you take that type of an
    attitude toward your business you develop a lazy broke minded complaining
    attitude and then you wonder why people say this industry doesn’t
    work.People who are successful in their business take responsibility for
    their attitude and their business skills.Thanks Rich for setting the
    example of what it means to be a true leader in this industry!

  4. A & R Six Figure Mentors says:

    I agree here is my email richardjguzman@gmail.com send me your contact
    information and we will get together.

  5. TheEntrepreneurUSA says:

    Great Video !

  6. A & R Six Figure Mentors says:

    Thank you Nathan

  7. James Lopez says:

    Hey Rich, by the way, this video basically saved my life, I was just about
    to buy the Co op syysten on epx but after seeing this video, Im not sure if
    I want to invest. Im actually trying to grow a home based business but my
    sponsor is full of trash and doesn’t even point me to the right direction,
    mean while he makes money online. I need a coach to point me to the right
    direction … can you help? My email is: kaientai99@gmail.com thanks Rich!

  8. Jay Jon says:

    Rich, this is exactly the issue I wanted to address to those that are new
    to EPX & Internet/affiliate marketing in general. Alot of these marketers
    are not being mentors to their prospects. Rich, we most definitely need to
    connect sometime via email/inbox. we share a very similar outlook on the
    issue abroad.

  9. Ace Rich says:

    Honey I am glad you are coming out with the Truth, it’s showing us how much
    integrity you have so thank you! Someone has the BALLS to say it. 😉

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