*EPIC* ‘Zephyr’ NEW Mulitasking Swipes And Gestures Cydia – iOS Vlog 630

Zephyr is a new tweak from chpwn that adds single-finger multitasking swipe gestures. Similar to the mutitasking gestures on the iPad on iOS 5, Zephyr allows your to swipe through open apps and open up your app switcher. To open your app switcher, swipe up from below the bottom of your screen. When you open up an app, you can swipe from the sides of your screen to swipe through other open applications. This eliminates the hassel of using the 4-5 finger awkward gestures. You can find Zephyr in the Cydia Store for .99. Social Network: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forums: www.iPhoneForums.net Facebook on.fb.me Twitter: www.Twitter.com Google+: bit.ly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. aldwin23F says:

    What If Your Playing “Temple Run” ? Lol X’D

  2. muazsaurr says:

    @BlueHawkEye1 No ,it doesnt work in landscape.

  3. muazsaurr says:

    @MrJMJERRY We know idiot 🙂

  4. jwynter98 says:


  5. MrJMJERRY says:

    It’s even on the iPad iOS 5no jailbreak

  6. iPhone4SUntetheredJB says:

    UNTETHERED jailbreak [iOS 5.0.1] for IPHONE 4S and IPAD 2 with 24/7 support on my channel [YES: iPhone 4s, iPad 2]!
    (no problem with IPSW file!)
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  7. TheMetalman71 says:


  8. a1exthegenius says:

    @iWinGamer Plus, it only says he has 2 photos yet he showed like 5 different apps

  9. hao7asakura says:

    longer life to my home button!!!!

  10. DrSyncopation says:

    @iWinGamer you fucking idiot thats in the pictures app you dumbass

  11. who12then1 says:

    Wow this is not epic at all. Do you guys realize that activator can do the same thing with swiping up if you set it to do that. I bet hella of you already have it too.

  12. NeonLunarEclipse says:

    @iWinGamer Heheh… STUPID TROLL…

  13. iChristian99 says:

    @iWinGamer Hey faggot he takes a screenshot of the package before he buys it so he doesnt have to search for it in cydia so hop the fuck off it is real i use this tweak on my idevice douchebag.

  14. apakiguy says:

    @iKryptic Just ignore them, they’re all jealous because you are a beast sir.

  15. marques0 says:

    Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder…

  16. VietnameezBoi says:

    @iWinGamer This is actually real, I have it.

  17. sesei3456 says:

    wish it worked on ios 4:( is there anything on ios 4 that will allowyou to do this??

  18. xtype64 says:

    can I get for free? 😛

  19. mmaaoonn says:

    go home screen?

  20. 789esber says:

    @Lovie11481 Do you ever read other comments?

  21. 789esber says:

    @hamzab7 Wow nice trolling (:

  22. BlueNose1690i says:

    Damn just got this, awesome tweak. Thanks again for this wouldnt have known about it otherwise. 

  23. iphonehackerist says:

    theres a cracked version by insanelyi but its buggy. when i swipe up it twitches or whatever u call it

  24. TheMagg1234 says:

    Activator will do the multitask-bar as well…tip, top. And it’s FREE!!!

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