Empyrean – “Le Retour De Mere-Terre”

The Official music video for Empyrean’s “Le Retour De Mere-Terre” from the album “Resurrection Engine available now on iTunes, and other fine online music retailers, as well as through our website www.EmpyreanBand.Com Directed by Steven Shea @ Abyssmal Entertainment (www.abyssmal.com) Find us on your favorite social networking sites: facebook.com/empyrean myspace.com/empyrean twitter.com/empyreanmusic

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  1. Anewme2344 says:

    Amazing!!!! All of you, but especially Ricardo!!!!

  2. jenn4utube2011 says:

    love the song & band, interesting video, lots of work on it, cool for the band

  3. geminizer0 says:

    I have no idea what’s going on in this video but it’s awesome because of Ricardo.

  4. odplusbread says:

    So sexy, learned this song by ear ;D

  5. thEaniMatOr89 says:

    absolutely amazing!! and certainly much better without Disney interfering ;)
    The idea behind the video was really fantastic, totally blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. LooseCo says:


  7. stichedhearts says:

    you guys wear amazing last night

  8. Yowi says:

    Much better w/out the “HOB EDIT” screenshots.
    We love you Ric!

  9. Bodeine says:


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