“Empower Network Review” | Honest Review from a Former “All-In” Member | by @NoMoreBSReviews

“Empower Network Review” | Honest Review from a Former “All-In” Member | by @NoMoreBSReviews ▻Full review at: http://nomorebsreviews.com/negative-reviews/emp…

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  1. Blaine Grant says:

    What online marketing business & online job can you refer me to make money
    not lose money?

  2. Michael Kauffman says:

    you saved me from jumping into this business. I recently came across the
    iPAS2 system and was going all in on this idea….until the very end!
    BOOM!!! Empower Network shows up as their products you are trying to sell
    and YOU saved me! Thank you!!!!

  3. clown192 says:

    I think it’s funny people have flagged this video as scam, spam or
    commercially deceptive content when it doesn’t sell anything. Even looking
    at the blog there is a free how to E-book but I didn’t see anything for
    sale. I am guessing those 29 thumbs down have something to do with it. It
    may have been flagged by an Empower Networkologist.

  4. Doniel M. Tiggs says:

    Man you killed this review, meaning this was really really good, honest, &
    through. I was originally looking for something else and came across your
    video about Empower Network, thanks for sharing this information and
    valuable content. Over 90% of people in my opinion would never share this
    kind of information. Once again thanks for your honesty about Empower, &
    keep making reviews you’re doing a great job! 

  5. Robert Cook says:

    I’m also an experienced Internet marketer and was in EN. There’s no real
    solid value to the products until the Mastermind. There’s more affordable
    products like Wealthy Affiliate or Bring The Fresh. I promise you’ll more
    out of these 2 than Empower.

  6. AtlDonDiva says:

    so what do you suggest for newbies with internet marketing

  7. Chad Ockstadt says:

    Sounds like you have a huge beef.. how can anyone take this seriously?

  8. Elvis Lee says:

    I like your review and thanks for sharing. Can you share with us where we
    can find the free resources that you mentioned in your video? By the way,
    I have a similar situation as Michael Kauffman. It really saves me from
    jumping into the Empower Network!

  9. Wayne Phillips says:

    Very helpful. That reaction to the BBB mention ought to be a major red flag
    for anyone with just a modicum of common sense.

    Just a heads up for those not aware, one of the biggest stars in Empower
    Network almost got himself into a real jam not that long ago. Google “vick
    strizheus jail” to get the story.

  10. V.I.P Marketing for Young Entrepenuers says:

    Your the best type of affiliate marketer, this was hands down the best
    review I’ve ever seen and I’ve been online for several years. Even tho I do
    make money with EN I agree with everything u said in this review and it
    would be an insult if I didn’t subscribe or visit ur site. Dude your
    awesome!! Keep up the great work :)

  11. GermanJazzel says:

    what the “supervisor” did was illegal D:

  12. Joseph Salmons says:

    ill make it simple. you do not need a group to join to make money. Empower
    wants to empower people…ok well do it yourself and keep your money.
    promote real products and be an authority on something. This is what
    affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is not telling people that they
    are chicken if they dont invest 5k into your group. A real informational
    product is something that is not readily available online. almost all of
    empower network marketing information is the same stuff you can find online
    for free. remember late night infomercials? yes this is the same concept.
    do your own research before throwing away money. I am an affiliate marketer
    and it is a hard job and money doesn’t just flow from heaven. You will run
    about of investors eventually and the whole thing comes crashing
    down…unless you create more expensive products (more than 5k) …wait
    never mind they are coming out with a 10k “formula”. I guess your really
    going to have to go all in now. deep and hard.

  13. David Mustoe says:

    Thank You. I agree, shady behavior.

  14. Michael Leedy says:

    Thorough review, Ian. I was actually one of the people you were hanging
    out with that weekend in Austin… and, like you, am no longer with the

    That said – I have nothing to defend, but I would like to stated that I AM
    100% thankful for what I ‘did’ learn from EN… the mindset that now have
    is incredible!

    The fact is, however… that I ended up taking my new mindset and switching
    to a system that provides the value that I felt was missing on the front
    end products. A system where there are no hidden affiliate fees or
    ‘required’ upsells to achieve anything.

    I’m so glad to have accidently come across you… as you had crossed my
    mind recently.

  15. Ramul says:

    I have watched quite a lot of your reviews and I gotta thank you for this
    valuable information you are giving us for free. Now I been researching
    almost 12-15 hours a day for the past two weeks, trying to learn about
    affiliate marketing, if its duable. My conclusion is that if you want to
    make it in this you will have to make your own websites/blogs promoting
    affiliate products if you can’t make your own products. Am I correct here?
    I am more interested in Clickbank, cause it sounds like it’s the one that
    pays best and if you “just” make great blogs and great traffic it is
    possible to make a living promoting clickbank products? 🙂 I already
    started building two websites of two niches I really like, and thinking
    constantly and reading/watching videos how I can make it happen. Is there
    anything you could recommend me looking into besides clickbank? and what is
    your opinion on clickbank? sorry for all the questions.

  16. jing luo says:

    I was thinking about joining the empower network. Thank you so much for the

  17. Christina Chapman says:

    What is your website address? I JUST signed up for the first level of
    Empower Network. I just wanted the information on internet marketing to use
    in conjunction with something else. But, if I can get the information
    elsewhere, that might be better for me. And thank you so much for the
    information! I really appreciate it!

  18. Treva Jones says:

    why is it that when people get out of an organization they always put that
    organization on blast. what a joke..

  19. Michael Lonzo says:

    Thank you for the posting. I really appreciate it.

  20. damian Dunlap says:

    one of my check bounce, they made it good. I am done it will not be around
    in the next 3 years

  21. David Nieuwenhoven says:

    Thanks for your review Ian. I also found the “value” wasn’t there
    especially with the “Inner circle”, which is why I joined a different
    company :)

  22. JORGE PADRO says:

    Thank you for your honesty and candor and may GOD bless you!

  23. judy howard says:

    Great public service.. Dishonest companies eventually fall apart.
    Unfortunately, those dishonest operators navigate to something else. It
    would be great to see those same people banned from the industry.

  24. Lashaun Forbes says:

    Thank you for making this video. It was very helpful. 

  25. LoveDayandAge says:

    Wow, this is refreshingly honest. This is always how I’ve felt about MLM
    type systems. It is reliant on an ever-expanding base. It doesn’t offer a
    true service or product – it offers paying into the system and getting
    other people to pay in who get other people to pay in. I find that
    unethical and frankly, silly.

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