Empower Network Review – Honest Review After 90days

Work Directly With Me http://bit.ly/14FdqEn (click here) Empower Network Review – My honest review on empower network, My final review on Empower Network for…
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  1. Grace Caruso-Rozankovic says:

    Tony Awesome love hearing about other EN entrepreneurs having success !!
    Great work.. 

  2. cjbj2807 says:

    Great Vid man! I am pretty skeptical about joining there’s so many scams
    out there.
    I am bran new to this type of work. I want to make more money but am not
    sure where to start. Also, the prices of getting started?? 25-1000
    dollars?? No way I can afford to pay for. Is there any way I can start and
    make legitimate money with maybe starting at the 25$ range. let me know
    man! thanks!

  3. dimpleseve says:

    You forgot to say how much you made in 90 days!!!!

  4. Mssebn11 says:

    someone who completed 90 day blogging

  5. d3rkaderk4 says:

    It’s a scam

  6. nico shannon says:

    Why do some people think its a pyramid scheme

  7. Tony Le-Ta says:

    With my own money invested, but I have sold many 15k and costa rica already
    to recoupe my orginal investment.

  8. swayla elmelody says:

    hey can you work from u.k with empower network, and do you get paid monthly?

  9. oye start says:

    $4125.00 for a cherry on top of my sunday haha

  10. Tony Le-Ta says:

    Hey Swayla, yes you can do empower network in the U.K we have allot of
    people from U.K And you get paid weekly every friday =] If your thinking of
    joining add me on facebook so we can connect

  11. juju7884 says:

    hi is it possible to do empower from belgium??

  12. MILLY AIRESS says:

    Hi Tony how is it going now I have just got in 🙂

  13. jamesfhIII says:

    I just signed up yesterday. Do you honestly feel that it’s possible for
    everyone to earn with Empower?

  14. Mike Nadeau says:

    Great Video Tony! Worth Every Penny! You could literally spend years on the
    internet trying to find all this information, not to mention spending tens
    of thousands on junk information along the way. 100% commissions!!!!!!!

  15. tb8870 says:

    Thank you for doing this review Tony – really appreciate the transparency.
    Can’t wait to see your next 90 days!

  16. Mike Stoltz says:

    You can be successful anywhere with the right effort and strategy. But you
    need a mentor if you’re just getting started(I hope you have a good
    sponsor). The blog has value, yes. Some audios are good(mostly the ones
    before EN existed). The CRI lays out what EN is, indirectly(with a
    semi-unethical/immoral bonus vid IMO). 15k form has some good stuff. But
    you don’t need to spend thousands for good training. I would know, an ex-en
    affiliate. An event actually hurt my belief, unhappy ‘all in’ ppl.

  17. ItsTeeTime says:

    hey, when u get this may u get back to me bc i have a question or two!

  18. Tony Le-Ta says:

    add me on facebook teelove100 =] Tony Le-Ta

  19. Tony Le-Ta says:

    so far my net profit is sitting at 15k

  20. Felicia Lloyd says:

    You have fully convinced me!!!

  21. Julissa Peña says:

    thanks for this video bro. very informative i just sign in today. God Bless

  22. Tony Le-Ta says:

    Congrats milly!!! =]

  23. tqn1972 says:

    If this was a religion, it would be called Scientology.

  24. Frevonna Mazique says:

    I have been listening to these WONDERFUL reviews about success with Empower
    Network. Thanks for this video!!! I am ready to jump in…… 🙂

  25. Shaundra Hudson says:

    Great video …stick with it you will be at a 100k soon..so will I…love

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