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Before executing attraction marketing procedures you must first perceive what attraction advertising is. Attraction advertising is reflected as the most recent model of marketing, that’s an easy and simple way of getting directed prospects to your website. blogging daily is one of the newest and most powerful forms of marketing to get the prospect to the front door(website).

If you start slow and blog about different subjects, depending on what people are looking for is very powerful. blogging and knowing SEO optimization is a real plus in the world of attracting your prospect. Advertising what people are actually searching for sounds pretty simple to me. There is one tool that has really made the difference in my way of online Marketing. I haven’t been in the industry all that long, and I haven’t seen a better system than this.

This system that I am talking about also pays its affiliates 100% commissions directly into our checking accounts. Can’t get much easier than that. Blog Daily, Tell others about it, and collect money. Those are the three simple steps to success. Crawl before you walk, and you won’t grow to fast, although you will begin a rapid increase of residual income if you take part in the system that I’m in.

My marketing system lets the newbie get started with a presence on the net already. I guess you would like to know what blogging system I’m talking about.


Just keep reading and we will be there in 2 seconds….


In reality, it’s not necessary to even talk about your product, service, or opportunity, until you have created a belief in your own product as well as your visitor. It is good to be perceived as a professional in a certain field or about a specific topic, so prospects will listen to what you have to say. In reality you are a professional at a lot of things. Learn a couple of techniques and talk about them on your blog. Even if you don’t think you are qualified to talk about the subject, you will see that you know more than 95% of the people that are searching for it. This results in you being a pro in their eyes, and that is all that matters.

My challenge to you is go out learn a couple of new ways to drive traffic or something of that sort and start blogging about it. You will surprise yourself when all of the sudden you are writing about things that you had no clue about weeks prior. Remember you are a professional marketer now. Act like a professional networking master and you will reap the rewards. Attraction Marketing is where the money is in online marketing.


Here is the biggest secret on the net. There is a viral blogging system that just launched on October 31, of this year. That makes it only 50 days old. In the 50 days of existence we have had over 13000 prospects join our Empower Network Team and start making 100% Commissions directly to their checking account. The Empower Network members have collected over ,000,000 in 100% commissions in 50 days. Unbelievable growth.

I know you are saying, oh, not another scam or home biz opp. In Reality this system has made people who have never made money on the internet before, start making money the first couple of weeks in business. The concept is Blog Daily on their state of the art blogging platform and start getting traffic.

I understand you are saying to yourself that there is no way that a newbie marketer just starts blogging and in about two weeks they are getting traffic to their website. It’s true. The Leaders of Empower Network have put together a real attraction marketing machine. The blog that is given to you for just bucks, is fully seo optimized and ready to start blogging.

Bells and Whistles Attract Prospects!

Oh Yea, Your blog has all of the bells and whistles built right into it. No selling, no seo optimization, no setting up design, or a website. Everything that you don’t want to do is done for you for just bucks. Empower Network offers three different products that its affiliates can earn 100% commissions on. When I say 100% commissions, I mean 100% of the money you sell the product for goes directly into your checking account instantly. That sound pretty attractive doesn’t it.

Well Here it is in a nut shell and then you can watch the free video and it will explain exactly what this wonderful viral blogging platform really is and what it can do for you.The Empower Network.

So what do we do, exactly?

We have a core set of products that are ‘hands off’ in the sense that you can get started in 15 minutes, and you can either buy them as a customer if you just want training on how to build a rock solid business – OR – you can also choose to have re-sell rights and earn 100% commissions to customers you refer.

Right now, the Empower Network markets 3 core products:

The Empower Network blogging System.

What is it? A turn- key blogging platform, pre-formatted for you and integrated with the social networks and attractive as hell, to help you get more traffic, capture leads, and build your primary business faster, better, and with less resistance.

For only per month, you get the Full Monty – a customizable blog built into the wordpress platform, complete with hosting, sales videos, capture pages – and if you want, you can even capture the leads into your own auto-responders. Your blog is on an authority site which means you rank a lot higher on the search engines than if you were to just start blogging on your own domain and website without knowing some techniques to get traffic. Since traffic= Sales=$ $ $ . All of this for just per/month.


Really a No Brainer…..

If you have the Desire to start something Great and take that next step towards being an entrepreneur?? This is the Best, The Easiest, And has you making 100% commissions directly into your bank account. No other network marketing opportunity can offer 100% commissions.

Well, We do here with the Networking Master team.

We’ve taken the utmost care to take Dave Woods and Dave Sharps combined experience and to put it together into a turn- key marketing solution that will knock your socks off. Seriously nothing to do but blog daily, tell others and make those commissions. So once a member pays the per/mo (Consumable Product) to have what is explained up above, they can now market that opportunity and start receiving commissions just like I did, and this opportunity opens up doors for marketing other products and not have to worry about keeping your site looking good or working right.

Everything is done by the pros….as the way it should be.

The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership

What is it? For only 0 per month, you’re going to get the best ongoing audio training you’ve ever heard in your life. We’re interviewing industry Phenom’s who want nothing more than to help you make more money, have a better life, and build your marketing automation machine…

…on complete auto pilot.

3 times per week, we’re going to upload a 45-60 minute content rich interview from a ATTRACTION MARKETING legend, and you can listen to it in your car, download it to your ipod, or get it transcribed and read them. Plus – you can get resell rights if you want, the ability to refer the training to others, and earn 100% commissions. You’re also welcome to just hang out, listen, and learn…

Put simply, the Inner Circle is all of the training you’ll ever need……all in one location. With this training, the methods taught to you will bring you unbelievable income, and remember that is every monthJust plug, play, and listen, we’ll do the rest – let us EMPOWER you to build your business FAST.

The Costa Rica Mastermind IntensiveThis is the most attractive Grand Daddy training of them all. For a one time investment of 0 +125 per/month for the first two intensive video series, filmed on location at a ,000 private retreat in the mountains of Costa Rica. At David Woods (Guru) Personal House. Anything David Wood Promotes you should buy, I’m telling you what…(Genius)

You’ll learn how to build a viral marketing machine like you’ve never imagined possible. This retreat was filmed BEFORE we built the Empower Network, and I actually teach HOW we’ve done what we’ve done.Why is this valuable? I’ve used this information to do millions of dollars in info product sales, build viral traffic campaigns that out produce people spending ,000 per month on ads, for free – and to personally enroll more than 2,750 reps into 3 different network marketing companies…

…after you get the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – you’ll never need another training in your life

That’s it for now, we’re working on some more services, products, and ideas to help you automate your life, and build your business with the power and simplicity that YOU deserve…

…let’s take this to the top WITH EMPOWER NETWORK!!

P.S. What you do sometimes is what you do all of the time.I don’t know how serious you are about building an online business and taking the attraction marketing to a new level. I do know one thing, you will never know unless you watch the video.

It’s a free 20 min video and it is worth every second. This deal sounds pretty attractive doesn’t it??

Click below to see what attraction marketing is all about….



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Hello Friends,

To start, I would have to say I am privileged to be able to help others find their dreams with a little hard work, as well as furthering my own goals and aspirations to become the best entrepreneur that I can be. I am an aspiring entremreneur, who is away from home 3-5 days a week looking for adventure while on the road. Being outdoors and on the move can get exciting at times with what the great outdoors has to offer. My girlfriend Annemarie and I, reside in Portland Oregon where you can enjoy the lush green atmosphere, beautiful water features, and don’t forget about a million bridges. I like creating new opportunity for myself and my marketing Partners included. My team is dedicated to the success of its members and look forward to building strong relationships in the Online Marketing Industry. I’m an auditor part time….but soon a full time work at home Entrepreneur…..Does that sound ..Awesome… or what?? Hard work really pays off. Let’s take this next step together towards your future goals within the Online marketing Industry. The Empower Network and the Networking Master team are here for YOU!!

P.S. What you do sometimes is what you do all of the time. Justin Masters http://www.facebook.com/#!/NetworkMaster17

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