Empower Network Fast Start Training

http://RaphaelMavi.com This video is a fast start training for any new affiliate in Empower Network that covers the introduction of the blog cpanel, 8 core c…

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  1. aubrey michael says:

    I almost got into joining up with an MLM company called “Internet Lifestyle
    Network” and they have another name “Speedy Wealth System” and after
    watching several Ethans Videos I had woken up. I was promised I can make
    10,000 per month in 2 to 3 months (by this MLM company)But I knew in the
    back of my mind…a little voice in my head tried to tell me “It’s all
    bullshit Aubrey and you know it.” But I ignore that little voice.I kept
    researching ILN and I’m glad I did not go into it. My wife did not have the
    same excitement as me. I thought… she just dont know what marketing is and
    she will just have to trust me. It is like a drug people. IT WILL WORK THIS
    TIME! I love money. So, if your somewhat like me and experience the shit
    like me…please click on Ethan and he will wake you up.( I Hope) This mlm
    and other scam businesses is like a religion…Believe it..make
    goals…dream…get into action…throw money into it and you get a couple
    dollars and you think your a king!!! In the past I was in ACN, Amway, Jewel
    way, This Way, That Way, Other Way etc etc etc…it was all the same old
    crap… The top makes the most money. We just create another government by
    creating leads for the top dogs. We work our butts off..listening to
    motivational cds, DVDs, etc etc and get our bellies rubbed and the upline
    makes us feel like the most important person on earth. It was sad and
    pathetic to allow this brainwashing to take over my life, soul and mind and
    at the end…I’m broke, frustrated, depress and had to changed my bank
    account because they kept taking money out off my account even after I
    quit. This mad hunt for this shiny piece of gold….is not in MLM or any
    other online scams that want your money first and then you can work for
    them or with them. Since when do we have to buy a job???? I sincerely hope
    you all who reads this and LISTEN to ETHAN.

  2. James Pyle says:

    What do you have in place for your downline in way of help, training,
    groups etc?

  3. Ionutz22066 . says:

    Hello there! Have you heard related to the Rapid Cash Fortune? I learned it
    on Google Search and found out outstanding stuff about it. Some of my mate
    also suggest me to get it

  4. RaphaelMavi says:

    We have a private facebook group to share any relevant experience with EN,
    share each other’s content and support each other with every day question
    and answer. I noticed you hit up several people about EN here on Youtube.
    Sponsor shopping?

  5. RaphaelMavi says:

    Did you get started already? Maybe they didn’t get back to you
    unintentionally since not all email notifications from youtube come
    through. I know I didn’t get notified that you replied to my question here
    and I just saw it simply because I looked through the comments.

  6. James Pyle says:

    Just trying to learn as most all I talk to are too busy to even reply.

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