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  1. Sean Quertinmont says:

    Hey Jon I’m gunna be signing up with en I’m just looking for a good sponsor
    who could help me get started would I be able to contact you if I would
    sign up under you

  2. Vince Mazzie says:


  3. packleader1215 says:

    Belief & Fear are words that deal with the unknown. FEAR can be used as
    false evidence appearing real.

    Bob Proctor said “Your goal should excite and scare you at the same time.”

    “Fail Early And Responsibly” – Robert Kiyosaki

    “Your Belief Will Create the Fact” – William James

    Knowledge and repetition makes fear go away.

  4. Robert Jackson says:

    I like your video it has awesome information, keep sharing. Let’s connect
    you can find me on Facebook.

  5. Empower Network Review says:

    Hey Jon,

    I think it’s cool how you respond to all the comments….. Shows you’re
    engaged with the people.

    All the best!


  6. Emily e says:

    That song was hot I really loved it, words are beautiful song is beautiful
    sang beautiful, 5 stars adrian

  7. RCCV2 VIP RocketCash says:

    Good Video Jon, Thumbs up!

  8. Kevin lacy says:

    join his team
    join his team
    join his team
    join his team
    join his team
    join his team
    join his team

  9. Cindy M says:

    Hey. What is your business? What are you marketing? 

  10. SuperBaller63 says:

    I want to join bro. Is it only 25$ I have to pay, or is there add ons after
    that 25$ I HAVE to pay?

  11. Corwin Shorter says:

    Jon my Friend whats up Bro. Even the Empowerment Network Marketers are
    jumping on board targetedleadsforever.com why because it has the best
    Compensation system in the market today hands down. LETS CRUSH THIS
    TOGETHER! Its a free lead system! Plus everyone is leaving MLSP for this
    much better system! targetedleadsforever.com

  12. Kevin lacy says:

    join his team, it your choice.

  13. anthonysanders70 says:

    what is your business or is it just getting people to buy into this product

  14. Renee Starms says:

    I had to share this story of these beautiful young men making it happen. :)

  15. Jose Rivera says:
  16. Javier Medina says:

    u want a pyrimid job join empower network its legit but u have sign up
    other people under you and then pay more money for dif levels

  17. MsUniquestarr says:

    Lol no judging

  18. beasty513 says:

    Congratulations Jonathan on ranking #1 on the search results. Keep at it
    and see you a the top.

  19. Best Video says:

    nice video friend.. hope i can do it too.. I joined there but still
    learning EN..Thank you for sharing..

  20. Bruque says:

    >>> Debt Free 2013…Join Me <<<< I'M LOOKING FOR 3 MORE PEOPLE WHO ARE SERIOUS IN CREATING AN EXTRA STREAM OF INCOME. WORK FROM HOME. INTERNET MARKETING. LEGIT PAY! If you think it is a scam.....I still get paid. If you don't believe it......I still get paid. If you think it is "too good to be true".....I still get paid. If you take action and join me.....WE both get paid. 925killers (dot) com/living3dreams

  21. Jon BelcherStation says:

    Yea I know Dalton LOL

  22. Diva Wuan says:

    Care to show us some prove because last time I check you just “talk that
    talk”, I dont remember you flashing any checks or seeing any significant
    sales made up in the 1000s. Thought En could have possibly did a 180 in the
    past two months which then I will be please to hear. Like I previously
    stated I’ll check their sales for this month and see if they are indeed
    doing alot better or not.

  23. Diva Wuan says:

    I have actual proof that backs up my claims. Very good to the 3% of 22000
    members that actually made a few grand. I will be checking their current
    stats soon to see if they’re still contradicting themselves. I refuse to
    see anymore people suffer from this company. If they want to even make a
    decent amount of money in this company its going to tkae more than just $50
    and posting decent articles on their site…..

  24. Lisa Walker says:

    probably 18yrs

  25. Jeana Reese says:

    Check out coins2dollars.blogspot.com it will give access to reviews, videos
    and more all on the Empower Network!

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