Empower Network Comp Plan 2015

Empower Network New Compensation Plan for 2015 More info here: http://bit.ly/1zu74DD.
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  1. Fabio Pedrazzoli says:

    Thanks for your comment ksp62562, I would have more doubts for things that
    don’t change instead, because the fact something is changing over time
    means it is alive and evolving … never perfect maybe, but always getting
    better, and in my experience Empower Network it is a legitimate and
    profitable business. It’s working for me, I’m glad to be involved in it, I
    was in Orlando in October 2014 where I personally met many leaders there
    too. It can be a great opportunity for those who resonate with it. This
    might not be for you, nothing wrong with it in that case, I’m sure you will
    find your way, inspiration and happiness into something else 🙂

  2. ksp62562 says:

    REALY???? How many times have they changed that??? Everybody is bailing
    out! No joke! SCAM!!!

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