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  1. Gurmit Chevnargha says:

    Mean Clip

  2. HardstyleGermany11 says:

    youre really smart mate, youre videos show that

  3. IMOnlineTraining says:

    That’s exactly right, Max! Fortunately, nobody has to this point. It won’t
    last forever, but it’s nice while it does. 😉

  4. assads saasda says:

    Awsome video love it.

  5. andrew johnson says:

    Continuez votre bon travail compagnon!

  6. IMOnlineTraining says:

    Will try to. TX.

  7. DanielsSuperLP says:

    this is pretty damn awesome

  8. n1g3ls says:

    I think Im your #1 fan because I love your videos so much!

  9. אדי קובריק says:

    Two thumbs up! 🙂

  10. addictedkto says:

    OMG can i add you as a Friend omg this video is amazing

  11. IMOnlineTraining says:

    Thanks for the Like and Sub, Ty! YOU ROCK! 😉

  12. theramiro1398 says:

    Nice editing.

  13. Yettipub says:

    GREAT…AWSOME video!

  14. IMOnlineTraining says:

    Practice, man, practice. 😉

  15. IMOnlineTraining says:

    Yes it does. That’s why I’m making more. 😀

  16. Papi Splashy says:

    This video is put together REALLY well!

  17. alex travieso says:

    Awesome! What a great business. Count me in!

  18. Kaduoda Tajama says:

    so freak n cute must subscribe

  19. IMOnlineTraining says:

    Thank you Trump. It’s not The Donald, is it? If so… wow! :-p

  20. Ele Doble U says:

    Great video it is so awesome!

  21. MrCeemGee says:

    jeez i thought i was good but ur amazing at making videos

  22. cfurnivall says:

    ima check your other videos and sub you

  23. IMOnlineTraining says:

    That’s the spirt, Mega! 😀

  24. IMOnlineTraining says:

    Jeeze. It’s brand new. Considering how long (or short, actually) it’s been
    on YT, I’d say we’re doin’ just fine for a business vid. If you think it
    should have more views, make sure you Like, Fav and use the social share
    buttons! 😀

  25. djixari says:

    Oh my god, is fantastic

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