Employer Online Social Networking – Another Use for Free Social Networking Sites 45

Employer Online Social Networking – Another Use for Free Social Networking Sites 45

Article by Reece George

There are new social networking sites popping up all over the place, so why not an employer online social networking site? Even better, what if that site combines both the business and social aspects of free social networking sites?Visit our website for business online social networkingIt means that companies can network and sell to other businesses and individuals at the same time. Some new social networking sites like these, also have a marketplace, which can easily be targeted towards other businesses or consumers.It’s a good idea to network with different businesses, individuals and even your employers, but also be aware that they will be looking at what you are posting, so it is wise not to state that you’re off on a sick day because of an overindulgence in alcohol the day before! Many people have been caught out on other free social networking sites in this manner.Being professional in all your endeavors, on old and new social networking sites is a must, as employers have been known to check up on their employees; and when you are applying for a new job, employers often assess potential candidates by looking at what they write on various free social networking sites. Before pressing send on anything you post, think could this embarrass me in the future, or come back and nip me on the butt. If the answer is ‘yes’ don’t post it. If you have to tell someone, pick up your mobile and tell your best friend and have a giggle the old fashioned way.An employer online social networking site is also a good place to look for new employment opportunities, but if you are, make sure that you make your friends list private, so your current employer doesn’t notice you are becoming friends with a new company, which is hiring.So as you can see there are some benefits of joining an employer online social networking site. You can network, find other like minded people, look for a new job, or even find a better source for a product, than you have already. There is certainly more to free social networking sites than first meets the eye.Other favorite links:business online social networking

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