Empire Formula Review-What the F#%& is the Empire Formula & Anik Singal?

tinyurl.com Is it possible for the average person with little or no knowledge of Internet Marketing and no marketing experience to actually make money on the internet? We issued a challenge to professional marketer Anik Signal and put his “Empire Formula” system to the test. Here’s what we found out so far… The learning curve for aspiring internet marketers has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to super marketer Anik. Singal has has announced plans to release his latest online training blueprint to affiliate marketing success with his “Empire Formula.” Anik says that his new training program will be different than anything seen before. As part of the pre-launch he just released an AMAZING book on marketing online – 158 pages of pure content many people in the internet marketing community claim it may be one of the BEST books on internet/affiliate marketing ever! This FREE yet information packed book reveals how a broke college student went to make his FIRST 0000 online- the COMPLETE formula. He reveals the 4 simple formulas to make your first 0000.00 online and then grow that to million! Anik age 28 is the CEO of Affiliate Classroom. Started in 2005. Affiliate Classroom is an online coaching center for aspiring internet marketers training a wide range of internet marketers, from beginners to experts. Anik was one of Business Week’s Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs in the US for 2008. Following the enormous success of recently launched CB Wealth Formula, Anik

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