ELEVENWARRIORS.COM: Ohio State football assistants discuss 2013 recruiting class

Tom Herman, Luke Fickell, Stan Drayton and Everett Withers bring you up to speed on the new Buckeyes.
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  1. masonmcguire26 says:

    Another 12-0 go bucks!!!!

  2. HeGivesSalvation says:

    Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the Light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Follow JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved !

  3. 79steelymatt says:

    Watch out Big Ten- the domination is about to commence.We just filled all of our needs,our LB’s and DB’s are going to be like our defenses of 2002-2007.If Curtis Grant can play up to his ability we have 4 very good LB’s now.Vonn Bell looks very tough and Eli Apple will be the next Chris Gamble.Dontrae Wilson finally came to his senses and wants to play with a real team not a team with fucking goofy ass jerseys and helmets.Jalin Marshall will also be tremendous.Mike Mitchell is the next AJ Hawk.

  4. Acoltsnut29 says:

    Awesome recruiting class, GO BUCKS!!!

  5. Andrew Johnson says:

    Go BUCKS

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