Ed McMahon Dies, Jon & Kate Divorce, Ciara Work, Perez Hilton VS GLAAD, & More

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  1. kaylaj98 says:

    yeah diddy should work harder && not just for himself. thats it from me =).

  2. jmw4fs says:

    i’m so sick of perez and i love ciara’s work video, but the song sucks!



  3. KingSnoopy2004 says:

    As far as the Ciara and Missy situations we all 4get that their labels are totally in control of what songs are released in what places, the promotion, and when the albums come out. Missy’s album may have been done 4 a while but like JoJo her label may not have gotten a distribution deal yet so thatz probably why it hasn’t come out yet, and that sucks but I guess we have to deal with it

  4. brittanysmiley08 says:

    I love your opinion, it’s so on point. And it is refreshing to hear someone talk truthful and honest about, the way they feel about someonw without degrading or putting them down. I got mad respect for your comments. I;lling keep coming back to hear more.

  5. prettygah12 says:

    …cont… because they are GOOD and they can sing..they can definatly bring it when they hit the stage and their album went #1 debut album.. and the 2nd one they were tied with Miley Cyrus for the #1 billboard album but it went up there though…and I’ma Put It On Her is one of the biggest song i know in my city and in Detroit..that’s a hott song AND your heels and i did get both of their albums and their great(: but idk who Rich Girl is..so idk wat to say bt they SHOULD both get out there

  6. purchik3 says:

    what is there album doing on the charts??? if they do 1 more album i’ll be surprised. they aint no 112, or jagged edge. look at diddys track record. noone has done more than two albums w/ diddy. they either get released or go to another label. day 26 is another has been

  7. prettygah12 says:

    1) To Ed McMahon..i pray god’s blessings on you and your family and everybody who was in that crash R.I.P 2) Jon and Kate Divorcing is terrible you need BOTH parents in your life not just one cuz trust me(i know how it feels) they should stay together) 3) Ciara’s work video never saw it but it sounds good ima check it out..4) Perez is just starting stuff and instigating on people he needs to keep his mouth shut and 5) yes day26 should perform at the opening for bey and the bet awards main show.

  8. prettygah12 says:

    okay but both are new why can’t they BOTH perform…and their album WASN’T FLOPS B/C THE 1ST ONE WAS THE #1 DEBUT ALBUM get your facts right(:

  9. prettygah12 says:

    uhh for some reason i kinda disagree with you…

  10. prettygah12 says:

    uhh I’ma Put It On Her duh where have you been??

  11. scarlett9139 says:

    I’m tired of Perez Hilton. His 15 is over with. bye girl fly girl.

  12. danithefatty says:

    today was my first time watching a video of yours. SUBSCRIBING now!!!!!!

  13. BigVOLdaddy says:

    ed used to be johnny carsons sidekick. i bet john and kate would be just fine had they never gotten famous. fame does shit to people. PEOPLE COME CHECK MY VIDS OUT PLEASE AND SUBSCRIBE so i can get hip on youtube like skorpion has. that means you to kevin…congrats to makael. he’s awesome and needs to be in entertainment.

  14. TeeTop2008 says:

    Damn! The Cookbook was in 2005 wasn’t it?

  15. Giharl21 says:

    I don’t watch tennis so I’m the last person to give my opinion on Wembldon or Wembley. The DC crash & Ed Mcahon sit. deserves everyones condolences.

    And I’m so glad Kelly is getting play. Overseas or whatever, she deserves it. I don’t like the song, but her time is long over due and she deserves that #1. It’s funny she went #1 somewhere after she parted ways with Matthew as her manager.

  16. canttouchthis421 says:

    love ya!

  17. Giharl21 says:

    Amerie Why R U is such a banger. But I think it will be slept on and over looked like the majority of her work. I don’t know to much about Richgirl. I’ve seen them on ConcreteLoop but I haven’t heard anything from them that’s dangerous. I’m sure they have good songs if Rich Harrison is behind them. Electrik Red has bangers left and right on their album, mainly because The Dream and his team was behind them. I wonder which Richgirl is supposed to be the Beyonce & wich is the Letoya and Latovia.

  18. Giharl21 says:

    I don’t really care about the Jon & Kate sit. The Perez & Will sit. is ridiculous to me. The both of them need to grow up. Their both grown men acting like little females outside of a club. But the Diddy and Day26 sit. that was right on point what he said. Danity Kane, Janelle Monae, Cheri Dennis, Loon, ect. Diddy is either shady or a cheap bastard. You couldn’t pay me to be his artist. I don’t even think he pays them. He has quality talent on his hands. But he wasting his time on Cassie.

  19. Giharl21 says:

    LMAO, he is a nut. But everything he said about CiCi and Missy is so true.

  20. LiquidDreamsLQ says:

    there was a definite connection 4 richgirl 2 open 4 beyonce. richgirl was put together by da guy rich dat wrote beyonce’s crazy in love, & i think deja vu. da image of da girls are supposed 2 resemble destiny’s child ’96. u got da beyonce look & sound alike, da dark skin girl w/ da same weave kelly rocked, da light skinned girl w/ long hair & a bang, like letoya, then da big booty chick w/ curly hair like latavia. da only difference is they all get 2sing. so dat’s da connection if nobody knew.

  21. akeda2009 says:

    ciara’s video waz crazyyyyyyy..i waz jumpin up n down i loved every second of it

  22. MrProdigy555 says:

    Perez also believes he can say whatever he want and be as disrespectful because it is JUST words…he needs to grow up and stop acting like a little child!

  23. MrProdigy555 says:

    Yes venus is the queen of grass, but Serena has been playing BRILLIANTLY!!! If Serena continues to play how she has been, then no one will beat her!

  24. MrProdigy555 says:

    sleek* 🙂

  25. MrProdigy555 says:

    Skorpion is crazy!!! “not trying to be playing doctor and all that bullshit” hahah lmao…I LOVE THAT ciara video…and i can’t wait for those sleak sexy moves on LIKE A SURGEON!!!!

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