Easily Separate Magnets with the MAG Splitter!

kjmagnetics.com – The Magnetic Attraction Guillotine (MAG) Splitter was specially designed and developed in-house to assist in the separation of both large and small magnets, up to 2 inches* in diameter. The MAG Splitter is easy to assemble for either right or left hand operation. The cutting arm hardware is stainless steel so magnets don’t stick where they shouldn’t. Our innovative Catch System embedded in the base grabs the magnet as it is separated. It’s like having a third hand! The MAG Splitter is made from 100% hardwoods to reduce the wear caused by repeated magnet separating. And best of all… it’s hand crafted right here in the USA! http *Note: When separating large magnets over 1 1/2 inches, we recommend using the buddy system!
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  1. mrmagnetsarecool says:

    I was expecting the same thing, I built mine to ensure that wont happen

  2. bastian74 says:

    Right @1:53 I was expecting the magnet to fall out of the splitter and slam into the hand holding the other one.

  3. appleintosh says:

    you think those are big? you should see some neodymium magnets. much much more powerful. powerful enough to crush your bones.

  4. Metalturds says:

    Do you really have to buy one just make it with plywood, bolt, nut or if you are feeling fancy use a ball bearing from a skateboard and to catch it use a small nail or another magnet

  5. matthewsolis247 says:

    Nuh uh! your retarded! Come on! you can insult me better than that! Go ahead! Stoop to my level! You know you want to!…

  6. Jack Reynolds says:

    your retarded.

  7. Jack Reynolds says:

    LOL!!! “mine arnt even that big!!!”

  8. survivorevil says:

    Lol, that’s so easy, my 2″ ones were hard as fuck to take them apart! Every body in my class tried it several times

  9. bbot2000729 says:

    construction,playing with and making magnet castles,experiments,sticking something to the fridge,shall i go on?

  10. stankwho says:

    what exactly what you use magnets that strong for??

  11. rslane32 says:

    wow, i like how it fits most any size. when I received 25 3/4″ cylinder magnets, I bolted two boards on one end then drilled a 3/4″ hole through both boards a few inches from the pivot. then I used it like a shear but it was only good for 3/4″ duh…what was i thinking?

  12. theknowbody says:

    Wow, those are some frighteningly strong magnets. You can see the separated magnet move even when it’s still several inches away.

    You guys have one of the best jobs in the world - playing with super strong magnets!

    PS I love the magnet I have from you.

  13. Kj Magnetics says:

    Not all of our customers have the time or ability to make a splitter like this. That is who the M.A.G. Splitter is designed for. If you are able to build one yourself, we encourage you to do so.

  14. matthewsolis247 says:

    yeah that is one complicated feat of technological advancement! Lord know one could not possibly make their own at home out of scrap wood and a bolt with a couple of washers. Thank god!

  15. DestructiveCobra says:

    Awesome cause those things are painful. and mine aren’t even that big!

  16. edeutsch1977 says:

    Aww man, Finally!!!! No more killin my freakin hands to get them apart. Consider one sold!

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