Earn Credits and Generate Traffic

Earn Credits and Generate Traffic

It is a fact that traffic exchange can generate traffic to online sites and web pages but it cannot do everything all by itself. It needs your cooperation. This is why it involves a membership system where you can sign up for free or go for the pro or paid account. It doesn’t really matter how you become a member. The best thing is to start experiencing its benefits as you give your time and effort in it.

It is important to earn credits in traffic exchange because this is how you will be sending traffic to your site or webpage. For instance, you joined a program for free and added your site on your account. You then need to start surfing other sites within the program because you will earn credits for every page that you view. These credits are the actual amount of traffic that you will be directing to your site or web page, and you can do this simply by assigning the credits to the site that you have already added to your account.

You will determine when people have already seen your site or web page because every page view made on your site or page deducts one assigned credit. This is also why you need to surf continuously in order to keep traffic flowing to your web page. You must really give time for it. One hour a day could be good enough. You can control the amount of traffic that you send to your site by checking on the amount of credits that you have.


Surfing sites is the usual and basic way to earn credits in a traffic exchange, but there are other ways to earn credits. One great way to earn credits is through referrals or downlines. These are people who signed up to join the traffic exchange under your name or account. You are considered their upline. There are bonus credits per referral, which ranges from 100 up to 500 credits, depending on the program.

Once your downlines start surfing for credits, you even get up to 10% of the amount of credits that they gain from surfing; not that you get it from them but traffic exchange will give it to you as a bonus. Seeing this trend, there could be a time when you keep on getting credits to assign to your site even without surfing other sites within the program if you have quite a great number of downlines. The best thing with it is that you can have all of these without spending.

On the other hand, if you have funds available and you do not really have time surfing but you really wish to send traffic to your site, you can just purchase credits. You can possibly have an upgrade to a pro account when you do this. It depends on the traffic exchange you are joining.

Joining a traffic exchange program is just the start of generating huge traffic to your site. Traffic exchange is such a powerful internet marketing tool but you need to give time and effort in it. Just like any other tool in marketing, it will not work by itself. It needs your cooperation.

Ruth Abigail Sebastian has been a traffic exchange enthusiast. She has learned a lot about how to use it properly with online businesses and wants to share it. To know more about it, click on the Traffic Exchange System

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