E-commerce and social networking has larger space to grow

E-commerce and social networking has larger space to grow

Article by Jonn

August 29, 2011 Beijing, nets lodge technology (300017, shares it) today released the report by the second quarter of 2011, the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the report “). In the report on this issue for all kinds of Internet application industry area penetration rate do detail. Internet application industry area is reflect the potential rate of growth industry standard, was one of the Internet industry trends and future dynamic a important reference index. The report of a nets technology of pure data from anonymous sampling, compared with other types of report to have more reality, on the Internet related industry enterprise with a reference value.

The report points out that the data, to social networks, e-commerce and government web site etc area in different provinces and cities rate difference is apparent. One of the Beijing and tianjin to social networks and government web site area the highest penetration rate; E-commerce sites in the provinces and cities in the penetration rate data, Shanghai rank high on the list. From the three industry area, except for some data to see rate developed provinces and cities in most of the other areas, still a space to grow. Web video game industry, the web site and the client area around penetration rate is higher game; The development of the industry is relatively small space. In 31 provinces and cities of statistics data, and more than ninety percent of provinces and cities in this region to three industry and more than 50% rate, and the development of the industry relatively mature, small regional variations.

As China’s outstanding Internet business platform providers, nets lodge technology more than 10 years has been focused on the CDN and IDC field, the service over 2000 customers, covering many fields in the industry. Nets lodge technology has accumulated rich Internet data, through to discover and analysis data, each quarter report issued by the Internet, so as to the public and the Internet enterprises with new visual Angle to understand Chinese Internet development.

The data in the report, the nets lodge technology all over the country DuoGe 200 CDN node of thousands of servers for anonymous collection. The “report on the Internet users in different industries geographical distribution, Internet users access time, mobile Internet operating systems, the browser, Internet application areas and mobile Internet access terminal rate of important data network related data to carry on the detailed analysis and explained.

In 2010, the Chinese search engine market size of 10.8 billion, a 54% increase over the next few years, were in the growth rate is expected to more than 30%. But China’s Internet web site traffic from external sources, although statistics search is the main source, but flow growth slowed, the bo/to the community of ascension than significant flow.

Social search will reconstruct traditional search engine. As Internet users more and socialization is connected to the network, based on the artificial center, with small all the wisdom of the algorithm for search engine time is coming, and socialization is reconstruction, and even subversion original search engine technology and the market, constructed in the group on the network all wisdom micro search will into search engine subject.

The online community fusion-the winner take all the socialization

DCCI data, in 2010 China network community advertisement scale is 1.06 billion yuan, the next few years advertising network community keep high growth. Though China has not appeared yet cover more than 500 million of the global audience, but Facebook type of Facebook advertising revenue beyond type curve are already starting to appear; After five years, more than 10 billion community advertising marketing after ten years is the largest community must advertising marketing platform. The online community market concentration is further improved, and comprehensive community is the winner take all the situation. As the network of community relations further deepening and expansion of value, the concentration degree of the market will be further improved, especially to people, social relations based on comprehensive community especially tend to be the winner take all, in the situation.

Social network reconfiguration portal value chain

DCCI data showed that in 2011, the Internet portal market scale growth speed, is expected to drop 31.8% annual growth rate, the size of the market will reach 43.41 billion yuan.

China’s Internet 2.0 is beyond 1.0, in the centre of human socialization of the network times, the original traditional gateway mode can’t set up based on the interpersonal network, so that the relationship between the sticky chain of the development of the portal is easy to copy, copy, traditional gateway into homogeneity of the competition, and micro bo, based on information of social media is expected to help portal reconstruction, set up the value of interpersonal contact in the context of social media and content, man and man, man and the website of the new value chain. With the Po, etc, the power of social media portal of the building with the artificial center, with a character’s life for the network platform will become an important marketing channel advertisers socialization.

The paper or into socialized with standard

2010 LBS of mass market is starting years, based on the paper applications and services and business resources, social media, the combination of the huge eruption vitality, annual market size of 1 billion; With the popularization of the intelligent terminal, the paper further more the emerging of the application, the paper is expected to the size of the market in the coming years will lead BaoFaShi growth, market size will in 2013 over 6 billion yuan.

The paper to reshape network ecological and consumption patterns. The paper to electronic business-and micro bo-lifestyle-consumer services, and so on in the process, contains DuoWei new interactive environment cognitive, will deeply affect network and consumption patterns, revitalize the ecological resources for localizing commercial, electronic commerce and consumer service life bring higher exposure and opportunities.

Social Network: the more personality more accurate

In 2010 China China advertising alliance & advertising network advertisement scale for 2.88 billion yuan, the future growth remained stable state. In the active, open Internet environment, social change advertising network will become the biggest advertising alliance market innovation points. Based on the user’s active connection, and love, share, signed in type social advertising network through the thorough understanding of the user behavior and preferences, for the user to provide a more personalized advertising service and web site to the user experience, produce in the community public praise influence. This kind of social advertising network based on human will be the biggest innovation point alliance market, one of the most potential into the development direction.

2011 micro feng remit-to the explosion point for Po integrated marketing

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