E-book review — The Great Ezine Experiment

E-book review — The Great Ezine Experiment

Article by ginfop4

The Great Ezine Experiment: Trying to remain true to my purpose by giving the readership honest reviews about Internet Marketing Ebook, software, and programs, I realize that sometimes it won’t be pretty. The Great Ezine Experiment, to be blunt, is a flop. This ebook would be better distributed as a free report because it lacks real depth on the subject to make it actually worth the 19 bucks Ryan Deiss is asking. The report claims to teach you how to create unlimited profits on a limited budget; however most of the links and resources within the ebook requires the reader to fork over more bucks. What about unlimited profits with the advice given? Not likely. Ryan says to make a living online you need to make your own product – true enough – and his report runs on the basis that your ezine or newsletter is your product (sounds good), but the sorry part about this ebook is the fact Ryan tells the reader WHAT to do but fails to give plausible examples and resources to show the reader HOW to do it; and when he does it’s usually a plug for a product Ryan is selling. First, you need to find the affiliate programs that are available for you to join and promote. Second, you need to sort through all these opportunities to learn the details of each affiliate program. Third, you need to select a program (or programs) that fit your wants and needs (whatever they may be). I am making the basic assumption that you want to select a program that will result in cash flowing into your pocket rather than flowing out of your pocket. Look out for the potholes in the road. There are a lot of them out there. You should keep in mind that most affiliate programs will not make any promises regarding your future potential earnings or lack of earnings. Warning – Avoid any program that makes promises that seem unrealistic or too good to be true. You should review a wide selection of affiliate programs before you decide which program (or programs) is right for you. As painful as it sounds, you need to do the research before making any decision. You should perform sufficient (and not necessarily exhaustive) research to understand what programs exist and what they provide to the affiliate (promoter/seller) and customer (buyer). I also noticed the only testimonial on the site is one from a person who has a link in the ebook – and you guessed it – it’s a link to buy products from this person. This ebook got the big thumbs down and is now sitting in my recycled bin! Next….

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