Durham Academy Weather Announcement

Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark announce that school will be closed Feb. 13, 2014. Lyrics and…

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  1. DurhamAcademyComm says:

    OK, Team USA sweater enthusiasts, it’s not in Mr. Hark’s personal wardrobe
    — but it can be in yours! It’s an item that was donated to us for our our
    school’s upcoming auction. See http://bit.ly/1eXJclh for details.

  2. Katie Neville says:

    haha I go to da…

  3. Chad Bowman says:

    This makes me happy. #iceicebaby #noschool #winning

  4. keekihime says:

    i wanna go to this school now

  5. ElizabethSouth says:

    Yep! The best snow school closing announcement ever came right from Durham
    Academy, the school where I am so proud to teach! You guys have got talent!

  6. KurdtStoo says:

    The dude standing up… I didn’t know John Cazale was still alive.

  7. Sara Falcon says:

    This just gets funnier

  8. Trash Metall says:

    По-моему он кофту шиворот-навыворот одел 

  9. Misha Pinguin says:

    На Майкла и Дуайта похоже

  10. T.H.C Mcgee says:

    proud to say he waas my headmaster at his former school 

  11. Mary Louise Callaghan says:

    ((this is also my hometown hella proud))

  12. Stacey Stakeley says:

    I had to log into my account because this had to be “liked”! :-)

  13. •TheFourthDoctor• [tb] says:

    I want this headmaster at my college lol

  14. Mary Louise Callaghan says:

    only at DA.

  15. yoshihisa kazoo says:

    This video has been introduced in Japanese SNS. It seems like people like
    it very much :)

  16. luutturätti says:

    what was that? :O

  17. Southpaw Davey says:

    Made me lol ;-)

  18. Mike oone says:

    Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me teachers and principals used to

  19. 21ChocolateMonkey says:

    When my principle makes announcements, he sounds like he hates my school.
    This principle wins at life. 

  20. Omicron942 says:

    Didn’t know you guys had Moodle in America too.

  21. JordanStuffTheGamer says:

    I love this song but now I love it more

  22. matthew Trent says:

    we have 3 feet

  23. pimbolammy says:

    I wish my school was this cool

  24. Ollie says:

    i never thought i’d be jealous of staff-members at a school, until now

  25. BallisticPacifist says:

    I wish I lived somewhere like this, with cooler weather and cooler

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