Dr Subramanian Swamy Verifies 3 Stages of Islam (Jihad) Theory by David Wood

Please READ Description here if you are a Muslim, Hindu or Christian To All Muslims Who are watching this video:- This video is not intended to hurt muslim feelings or sentiments. What I have…
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  1. Np Nayar says:

    Understand Islam before supporting them!

  2. Karthik Pusa says:

    Arrest all AI-MIM Party Members and give them IIIrd degree, they will
    reveal 90% of Terrorists details..

  3. Abdullah Khan says:

    Here is reply to David first, watch it & read it”

  4. bb %a% says:

    Asking all the muslims
    why Allah only created muslims not the other people of the world ?
    who wrote Quaran for only protecting muslims not the other people of the
    Are muslims be the only enemy of any other religions of the earth ?
    What happened in the final stage ?
    War between Islam & other religion coming

    Asking all the muslims & give the exact answer .

  5. Desi Obama says:

    Mohammad was the biggest motherfucker of all time

  6. abhya kumar says:

    holy …..???

  7. aparaajita10 says:

    why beware of even the most affable muslim? “…never smile at a crocodile,
    no you don’t get friendly with a crocodile. Don’t be taken in by his
    welcome grin, he’s imagining how well you fit within his skin…” The same
    is true of the christians…in fact they are even worse…they are like the
    virus…the aids virus…

  8. harsh kamal says:

    muslim is the most fucked up and cult that mohammed faked being prophet for
    his own ambition

  9. Umesh Ambadi says:

    david wood enlightened us on hidden sattanic verses in quran

  10. expel alienideology says:

    any design to completely undermine the existing constitution of india –
    like making india darul haram should be sued in the court. all who make
    designs as such must be sued and brought to court for debate

  11. Archana says:

    Omg!!! You have nailed it so perfectly… I am sharing this with all
    possible people. Keep up your great efforts. I wish your nomenclature is
    widely adopted.

  12. book3378 says:

    1: I can give you verse after verse in the Quran which were revealed in
    madinah after the establishment of the Islamic state that teach tolerance,
    peace and justice. for instance 5:8 ” O ye who believe! stand out firmly
    for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others
    to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is
    next to Piety: and fear Allah For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye

  13. book3378 says:

    3 of a messenger deliberately deny him, they are either wiped out from the
    face of earth, or have to live in subjugation depending on their attitude
    towards the oneness of God, if they polytheists they are killed, if they
    are monotheists they have to live in subjugation. this worldly judgement
    has taken place many times in the history of mankind, for e.g the people of
    Noah were drowned, pharoae and his army were drowned and many examples like
    that.Now when the last messenger of God, Muhammad

  14. Smoker-Ajitabh says:

    share this video with Arundhati Roy and Barkha(POOPFACE) Dutt too…

  15. John T says:

    the word islam means submission. Their god allah is a “moon” god their man
    about town (muhammad)was a false prophet and pedophile to boot. islam is
    not a religion but a way of life and should be treated with zero respect.
    The U.S. needs to rid this cancer from its soil starting with their known
    hideouts (aka) mosques

  16. Vibs says:

    ha ha ha .. here comes your religious and fanatic thinking.. No matter how
    much educated you guys become .. you’ll be always be responsible for
    destruction of a nation. Just because of people like you parties like
    Congress is winning in India. Unfortunate to see people like you. If DNA
    would change just in 800 years then you must apply for the nobel prize.
    Don’t worry OBAMA, Aurungzeb from Mugal Empire got very good
    acknowledgments about their ‘Religious’ works.

  17. Ashish Gupta says:

    brother wat ever u say is all in vain. i’ve learned quran. i completely
    agree with you.but the thing is the mullas they change their color. and
    this the bitter fact u’ve to accept that the whole world thinks abt muslums
    very pessimisticly.

  18. Vibs says:

    u are slave of Arabs not allah …Yes looking forward to meet you dear.
    Arabs call South Asian Muslims with a special name. I hope that you are
    very well aware of the name. I don’t want to indulge in fight with you as
    fighting over with you solves nothing or changes the mentality of anyone of
    us. Find out that name from your own ‘trusted’ source.

  19. Avantika Badgujar says:

    Really nice explanation by David & Swami … Muslim should really check the
    truth and respond ..

  20. Vibs says:

    so what according to you he doesn’t know about himself?

  21. samrinhoda says:

    David wood is doing a great job. God bless him and may people be influenced
    his work and gain knowledge of true pathetic islam.

  22. abhya kumar says:

    Than why their DNA do,t match with turkish and arabs or Afganis …??????

  23. harsh kamal says:

    islam is not religion but a cult

  24. Vibs says:

    sorry sorry OSAMA .. NOT OBAMA … Mullar Omar … more and more
    ‘Religious’ pure personalities are shining name of your ‘clean’ and
    ‘hygenic’ islam. You have STILL NOT TOLD me that WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT
    SWAMY …except your sarcasm comments. He is a politician and he could have
    done anything to stop his daugher. U are just another BRAINWASHED, you or
    your sons will shed bloods of innocent people just in name of religion..
    enjoy … kill animals, eat … … make missiles, make sharia law

  25. abhya kumar says:

    Caste system was not the part of Hindu religion first read Gita. Upanishads
    and Vedas…

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