DR. FEELGOOD The South Bank Show 1981

Presented by Melvyn Bragg – LWT Television – Live + comment by Lee Brilleaux and The Big Figure – Also Nine Below Zero and The Blues Band were featured
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. johnnymoto77 says:


  2. George McKay says:

    Fab line by Lee Brilleaux: ‘He was like a bear more than a wolf’

  3. TheQSpark1 says:

    I saw these guys back in 85 at Queen Margaret College In Edinburgh and shared a Martell Brandy with them!!! still one the best gigs iv’e ever seen… Absolute Class Act!!! Thanks for the memory Guys!!!

  4. Exilemainstreet says:

    These guys are so much like what the Yardbirds would have been like if they’d carried on. This band was a time capsule.

  5. Bowser1948 says:

    Extracts from their “Welcome Back” concert at Southends magnificent Kursaal are on here …go for it … I’m a Hog for them Baby!!!

  6. pit2ryan3 says:

    I guess you mean Wilko Johnson, the original guitarist …

  7. EustonFilms says:

    Mind blowing stuff. Thanks so much for this. I’m sure Lee Brilleux was once rumoured to be a teacher at King John School in Thundersley. Anyone know if this is true?

  8. schopenhaur100 says:

    Black man rythm & black man beat.if there’s a PROBLEM GO & LISTEN TO OPERA!

  9. David Fawcett says:

    So do I. I thought this show was lost down the memory hole. Many thanks for putting these highlights on Youtube. Do you have the whole programme, unedited, uploaded for play?

  10. burgesmate says:

    Black man rhythm with a white boy beat – you can’t buy the charisma that Lee had. The man could dress in a shell suit and still look authentic.

  11. Jarski J. says:

    Excellent choice you made 🙂

  12. Bluesgerd47 says:

    : I agree. Seen them about thirty times; unforgettable.

  13. krad91y says:

    hottest front man on the planet. You will always be remembered Lee.

  14. hd1pan says:

    jap- must have been CC,äh, maybe… maybe sinalco cola….and the bourbon maybe was rum 😉
    long time ago 😉

  15. pit2ryan3 says:

    Do you mean Coca Cola ?

  16. hd1pan says:

    i saw him live last time in germany.lübeck.(riders cafe) weh ad a bourbon with coke together. i’ ll nrever forget him.

  17. BackToTheBlues says:

    I remember this, it’s great you’ve uploaded it.. Out of all 3 bands – Nine Below Zero the young upstarts, Dr. Feelgood the seasoned professionals and The Blues Band the veterans, Dr Feelgood absolutely blew the other two out of the studio. Lee Brilleaux was a dynamic frontman, one of the very best.
    If you miss his voice put Ian Fawkes in the search box. You’ll find a band called Route 66, close your eyes and Lee is nearly there. We’re playing before them at Colne Blues Festival this year!

  18. OrpheusIsThe1 says:

    I’d love her to suck my cock lol

  19. bolanboogie59 says:

    Ok my Mistake, Your replying to masterbaker1 ,RUBBISH. anyways who gives a shit about Reggae? this has fuck all to do with reggea, RIGHT?

  20. bolanboogie59 says:

    Good for you KID..If you think this is rubbish you need your head examining . Shove your reggae up your white arse then.

  21. bolanboogie59 says:

    You stick to lady Gaga..

  22. john snow says:

    One of my all time favourite bands, I saw them in 81. Awesome, – second best live show I after AC/DC at Wembley in 09.

  23. rees634 says:

    what we sing about is sod’s law and bad luck!!

  24. jackwilshiresfakeid says:

    That would make Bob Marley 50% incompetant

  25. Glennrs says:

    Ace band ! Gypie Mayo a true original guitarist. Superb !

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