A pitchman for “Peer-Mid Realty,” bragging on his company’s downline, ridicules RE/MAX. All RE/MAX agents do is sell houses, he says. Imagine that! If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, visit www.joinremax.com today!

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  1. RemaxPlatinumTX says:

    It is a very bold ad Greg. Your right, it might be viewed as making fun of a certain companies concept however many unproductive agents in that company are sold on the downline concept and the statistics of profitability speak the facts for average agent $. I am from the Austin market where that companies home head quarters is at & 38% of their agents did not sell a single house in 2010. I do agree w Mark. Its just fun we should just value each others creative marketing at times and not get upse

  2. gregerlanger says:

    Propaganda. Completely ignorant. Shows they are worried about their 10 percent agent loss in 2010. They assume other company agents don’t sell homes and just leave it as fact in this slanderous add. Makes them look very unprofessional. Sad really.

  3. MarksHomeTeam says:

    It’s just funny; don’t take it too serious folks! Have fun, sell some house and continue helping people!

  4. agelnortheast says:

    I am not in KW nor am I a realtor. I know people in Remax and Keller Williams. The Keller Williams people call themselves KW. Didn’t know I needed to be in Keller Williams to use that reference. As far as I know, Keller Williams is the only company that uses the Network Marketing model. Obviously they don’t say KW in the video so let’s agree on your statement….they did not say KW.

    My post was say why degrade others in the industry instead of building other up?

  5. tlpb97 says:

    @agelnortheast I find it interesting that “you’re not in the business” however you somehow just happen to know that the video is in reference to Keller Williams and also just somehow happen to know to call then just KW.

  6. myagentjanice says:

    Why would you want to BRAG that there is one source of income, actually the “downline company” does have rather small amounts of income from the downline. Exit has no “downline” we are single level residuals……that converted into roughly 40k for me last year . Personally I like to work LESS and make MORE. I long ago past the point of being proud of selling X amount of houses. If Ican sell LESS and make MORE I am all about it. You know you re doing well when others pick on you 🙂 THANKS !

  7. scottksmith1 says:

    @myagentjanice Exit is slowly going out of business. When agents stop selling homes they Exit the business.

  8. 1darcyg says:

    I don’t think KW was mentioned in this video…

  9. agelnortheast says:

    I am not realtor but somehow found this video? Why do you need to degrade someone else in your own profession and make a video like that? Shouldn’t all realtors support each other and make the professiona better? People will work with Remax or KW because of the people who they are associated with and if I saw this video I wouldn’t even do business with Remax. Just take the high road and say we do things differently here.

  10. regularguy5mb says:

    Love this!! Hank and Jed are awesome!

    I’m actually in this. Guy with the beard and glasses behind Brent (REMAX guy).

  11. ListAgent says:

    HAHA re/max Marty is funny! Forgot one… office doesn’t have a profit, no downline! Oh wait I mean no profit share! Oh wait I have another one… your broker/owner collects your rent/desk fees and keeps it ALL!

  12. kkjhijiioyty says:

    naughty women in your finger trip mworld5.info

  13. Mitchellsells says:


  14. MartyREMAX says:

    So you think the downline will pay off? Recruited KW agent caps, no downline. Recruited KW agent leaves KW for another firm, no downline. 38% of KW agents didn’t close a single transaction last year, no downline there. Recruited KW agent leaves the business after 2 or 3 years, no downline there. Think I’ll stick to selling houses.

  15. MartyREMAX says:

    So the downline is really going to pay off? 38% of Keller Williams agents didn’t close a single transaction last year. No downline money there. KW agent meets their cap, no downline money there. Recruit leaves KW for another firm, possibly RE/MAX….no downline money there. According to NAR, median tenure for a real estate agent is 5 years.  KW recruit gets out of the business, no downline money there. Think I’ll stick to selling houses.

  16. brianslusser says:

    Janice,In my opinion they both work like an MLM, Lots of bodies & not enough sales.The average profit sharing check divided by all the agents is about $418 a year.Why not just sell an empty lot for the commission check,it’s a lot easier than recruiting a couple dozen non producing agents for the company.

  17. myagentjanice says:

    Funny maybe but real life is often funny. Re max isnt too smart though, poking fun at KW just makes Exit look even better, thanks Re Max!

  18. plawpurple1 says:

    This video is Hillarious!!!

  19. MikeNielsenRealtor says:

    @burgerrealty I believe the numbers are showing that KW had MORE agents… many just parking their license.. but REMAX still does many MORE transactions…

  20. heidigolff says:


  21. burgerrealty says:

    Stewart 4570….Curious, where did you get your numbers that KW is larger than RE/MAX? I’ve somehow missed that statistic.

  22. sutherlandrealestate says:

    I’m Business Development Manager for three RE/MAX offices in Canada. These ads are priceless and I’m going to use ‘The Problem With RE/MAX” at our next career night.

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