Downline – Right Here Waiting – Official Video

Official Video of Downline’s single Right Here Waiting

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  1. AllerIAgb says:

    oh I LOVE MUSIC>>>!!! yeah ROCK and ROLL!!!

  2. mioyubxx says:

    npa wow aqoh sa intro ahaha idol qau huh.. more power guyzzzzz…

  3. johnhenry2111 says:


  4. dedzz06 says:

    who’s that chick?

  5. almax91 says:

    good music. horrible singing. had me from the intro but once he started singing….. next.

  6. GodFearer21 says:

    this is awesome!

  7. kaiixzps says:

    Always wanted those SGs and Les Pauls 😀 it makes rock n’ roll better :D

  8. yemikoamatos05 says:

    yeah! astig!

  9. jhenggayful says:


  10. pafsking says:

    wew! nice one..

  11. JayTats84 says:


  12. michaelmedroso says:

    ooopssss!!!!nice version

  13. 1shiroine says:

    i love this cover!!!! solid!

  14. shienabutterfly10 says:

    i LiKE this VERSioN.. :]

  15. sointo3m says:


  16. ennahsiscar says:

    of all the versions of this song this is something different .. it’s totally cool .. i had goosebumps when i heard this song .. i love this 🙂

  17. MrRickyBerty says:

    richard marx would be quite proud.

  18. MissPinkRose22 says:

    the music was good… the voice.. uhmm not soo much but all in all..this one’s a killer!!!

  19. PhilippineDrummerBoy says:

    Like if you are still watching this when christmas was over..

  20. plus24seven says:

    ! Nindota a!

  21. harriZism says:

    Wow! Cool Rock’nRoll ! I keep replaying dis the whole day ^_^

  22. christianjerrypogi says:

    @xXMeTalZXx yeahhh :)) m/ rock on by:jerry c hahaha 🙂

  23. 19touchmenot75 says:

    nce version ^^ ahaha

  24. xXMeTalZXx says:

    @christianjerrypogi yeah! rock on!

  25. christianjerrypogi says:

    @xXMeTalZXx parehas pala tayo ehhh hahaha 🙂 apir !! 🙂

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