DotComSecrets X – 300 left to our Make A Wish goal!

www.DotComSecretsX.com – join the DCSX coaching program here (for FREE)! Less than 300 people more – and we’ll grant ANOTHER wish through “make a wish”!!! Just give me 30 days and I’ll turn you into our next success story!!!

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  1. korinakorinakorina says:

    So far I am really enjoying the program.. I actually went ahead a little bit and did a couple days ahead, haha. I have a lot of free time on my hands right now so I’ve been a bit anxious. My only worry is getting enough sales with only using free solo ads right now. I’ve got no problem paying for them in the future, I’ve seen enough to know that a lot of people turned it into major profit.

  2. Madz280 says:

    AM from Kenya 🙂

  3. dcomeau331 says:

    Great idea, Russ! Happy to be a part of such a Great foundation!

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