Donald Trump Announces The Trump Network MLM Network Marketing Opportunity

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  3. piyinish says:

    microsoft has created 8300 millionaires. AMWAY has created 6400 that means mlm works.

  4. RemusLt says:

    I don’t like MLM, but I need money. So what to chose corporate crap, MLM crap or some other crap…

  5. Climb2win says:

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  6. MLMsellsSnakeOil says:

    The difference is Microsoft had a business model that paid people good wages, Amway did it exploiting it’s disturber to a system that is fraudulent and is only profitable for those at the top of the Pyramid. If that is true about the 2200, it is scary to think how many distributors would have had to lose money at the bottom to funnel that much money up to the top of the Pyramid.

  7. 3waybar says:

    The TRAMP network, the HUMP network, the RUMP network, the PUMP network

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  15. juliastp1818 says:

    love this 

  16. thnksmarter says:

    Microsoft has created 4000 millionaires. Amway has created 2200. What is the difference? The MLM philosophy where owners and king pins roll in dough while IBO’s go broke.

  17. jazzyj4786 says:

    A Pyramid Scheme, or Ponzi Scheme, has no real product, no distribution, and is purely based on people making money off of the start up costs of their downline based on the promise of ‘opportunity’. This is illegal. Network Marketing is not. Based on your argument, HOW IS CORPORATE AMERICA NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME? The President/CEO makes the most money from everyone’s efforts, and the employees make little with the only hope of advance based on if someone quits, dies, or gets fired!

  18. MLMpyramidScam says:

    According to Dr. Jon Taylor of the Consumer awareness institute, Monavie meets atleast 4 of the 5 required red flags of a chain recruiting product based Pyramid Scheme. His research on Monavie (Monavie income disclosure statement) found that only 1 in 345 reps made money and 99.71% of them LOST money.

    You are selling juice that is $175 per month to drink. Tell me how this isn’t like selling Snake Oil? As you read this, I am reading about Monavie on the Juice Scam website.

  19. Hkhan23 says:

    I am with Monavie, and i can make more money them my upline, and my downline can make more money than me, it all depends who works harder at it. yes i get PV from my downline but if I don’t work hard at my lesser leg.( a binary compenstation plan) and my downline does,he/she will make more money than I will. If it was a pyramid scheme, my downline would never make more money than i would. Unless you have researched into monavie, and i don’t mean by googling it, you would know

  20. MLMpyramidScam says:

    Credible MLM is a oxymoron. It is a faux business and a psudo opportunity. In a REAL franchise you have territorial protection. You will never see 4 McDonalds on the same street corner. In MLM you recruit your own direct selling competition. By the way, you still haven’t answered my question. WHAT IS A CREDIBLE MLM? If you make your money off a downline and your upline makes money off of you, HOW IS THIS NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME? You have all the answers, now answer this!

  21. Hkhan23 says:

    being apart of a credible MLM company, does not make you a employee earning minimum wages, you are running your own business, you tell me what business people open and don’t lose money 3 to 5 years, thats the problem, people don’t look at it like running your own business, the bottom line is if you stick with it and apply what you have to do to be successful within 3 to 5 years you will be rich and you will make way more then your initial investment…Monavie….

  22. divabikinis says:

    Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has been hit with a 2nd class-action lawsuit in California. It was filed on 12/22/10 and makes the same claims of fraud, pyramid scheme, RICO violations, etc as the original class action filed in Kentucky in Sept. 2010. The entire lawsuit may be read at fhtmclassaction dot info. Happy Holidays

  23. MLMpyramidScam says:

    A Pyramid exists where people are infinitely chain recruited and a disproportionate amount of the money is sent to the top. Now, I know you are going to say corporate America is a Pyramid scheme as well. It isn’t the shape of the organization that is important, but the endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers where the vast majority LOSE money. Also corporate America doesn’t force you to buy it’s products, make you pay to work there and pays minimum wages.

  24. Hkhan23 says:

    first tell me what you think a pyramid scheme is what do you mean by that? please elaborate

  25. MLMpyramidScam says:

    If you watched the Penn and Teller episode you would see Robert Fitzpatrick author of “False Profits” and creator of “Pyramid Scheme Alert” talk at length. Also, Donald Trump didn’t actually succeed at MLM and OWNS a MLM. Why should anyone believe him?
    Most MLM’s are barely legal PYRAMID schemes. I hear “there are good MLM’s” all the time, but nobody has ever shown me what one was. Name some MLM’s that are NOT Pyramid schemes. I want to see this. Please show me!

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