Dolphins Have Dating Sites?!

www.boonex.com – So many social networking opportunities, so little Internet. Unfortunately, sharing your content on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or FriendFeed leaves you at the mercy of another person. Fortunately, Boonex has created an open source, independent social network software that allows you to create your very own social network or dating site, with features like video chat, personal blogs, event and classified postings, instant messaging, and much more.

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  1. mystylestore says:

    i have dolphins and i like what it has to offer. but i cant for the life of me figure it out. Is there any possible way u can mabe help me out? i greatly appreciate it

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  16. pokemaol says:

    Its actually easier to create your own site than try to customize this.

  17. LarssonsChannel says:

    @ebebrn it cannot be easier then that.. you install it by a simple step-by-step install page the only thing you need is a webhotel and a domain. ofcourse you will need some main skills in php/html and graphics to create your own special theme. dolphing is the best free social networking site outthere. im not using it cause i know that theres to many of these sites already so it would be really hard to get any traffic at all.

  18. ebebrn says:

    i looked boonex site but i have no idea how to use it. it is very poorly made for dummies like myself. it shouldve showed step by step what to do.

  19. kingletas says:

    Nice video! Do you know how integrating this service with Magento or eCommerce sites would happen?

  20. thetechtut says:

    This is an awesome video. I’ve subscribed, keep it up 🙂

  21. UnlockIPod says:

    Dude this is amazing! 5/5

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