Dog Vs Deer – REMATCH

Buddy and Theen the baby buck, still wrestling. Theen is almost a year old.
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  1. lokop76 says:

    great vid , thnaks for posting

  2. Allister12212012 says:

    The deer got this round lol. I don’t understand why people are bitchin about the dog getting hurt, the deer is clearly playing with it just like they play wih other deer.. now if the deer was older and got mad at the dog then ya ok. I just don’t see that to ever be a problem, as soon as it’s old enuff to start chassing lady deer it will most likly be gone…

  3. Choi Sin Tung says:

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  4. TrustMeScience says:

    Not cute. Grown deer are wild animals, not domestic animals. And they are powerful ones too. In another year or so, that deer would cause serious damage to that dog and not feel the least bit bad about it. That is not behavior to encourage. Please don’t learn that the hard way.

  5. aeiou99999 says:


  6. xRelient says:

    You understand that the Deer is thier adopted family member they’ve raised since a fawn right?(Hence the name Theen, and knowing it’s a year old.)

  7. Ullarsskald1989 says:

    I love the cat calmly looking on from the background…

  8. Ullarsskald1989 says:

    I thought all vegetarians were supposed to be pacifists?

  9. MoreGrievances says:

    Yeah yeah, doe not dough. Go ahead, tell me everything else you know, It’ll only take 10 seconds.

  10. JooJules says:

    Dough? Ha ha – a female deer made from bread! Dough a deer, a bready deer ….

  11. 27dcx says:

    black labs are the best dogs ever

  12. crazywhores4u says:


  13. frazder says:

    Calm down calm down. I was only funnin’.

  14. crazywhores4u says:

    We will shoot you.

  15. frazder says:

    Shoot that deer.

  16. crazywhores4u says:

    would u like a whore

  17. MoreGrievances says:

    Yeag yeah doe not dough. Go ahead, tell me everything else you know, it’ll only take 10 seconds.

  18. RDSOXSK says:

    “as an adult DOUGH…” HAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you serious? Oh my God! Please tell me you’re kidding. (Although I have a strong feeling you aren’t.) That made my day!

  19. Stewart5225 says:

    Wow, what a cool Deer!!
    Thanks for the video

  20. Jetz316 says:

    I think Buddy is sick of getting kicked by the deer. Hooves can really hurt. It’s good to see that the deer comes back to visit you once in a while… Was that the soccer ball from the original video?

  21. NewCobber1 says:

    Those of you saying the deer is fighting-dogs bite when they fight AND when they play. Why can’t it be the same for deer, as in they fight the same way they play? I’m guessing that the deer has grown up with the dog, so he probably doesn’t see him as a threat, so there would be no reason to assume the deer is trying to hurt the dog. That being said, the owner does need to make sure that as the deer gets older and larger that he doesn’t hurt the dog, because he could do some serious damage later

  22. mortimash says:

    The dog thinks the deer is trying to play

  23. randomguy034 says:

    Fucking dumbass, that’s how deer attack. They jump up and hit with their hoofs. Your not even making sense now and your clearly to stuck up to accept that the deer is fighting. Get out of fairy land.

  24. April Rain says:

    Um..duh..and I said your a IDIOT so now go play with yourself in the corner!
    and different animals play different ways..IDIOT!

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