Does the Evidence Show that Islam is True? David Wood vs. Bassam Zawadi

Date: August 2, 2008 Location: Madinah Educational Center Christian debater: David Wood Muslim debater: Bassam Zawadi For David Wood: http://www.acts17.net/

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  1. Gregory Burke says:

    David Wood handled Bassam with ease. The “Prophet” Elijah? The sperm is
    produced between the backbone and the ribs? OMGoodness. Just stop. You
    Muslims are hilarious.

    There is a HUGE difference between biblical prophecy and Elijah prophecy.
    I could NEVER refer to this man as a prophet.

  2. AussieJ764 says:

    This was a real bad debate on the Muslim side, if any Muslim watches this
    Islam is going to have a new apostate.

  3. J Good says:

    David Wood owned Bassam Zawadi like a boxing champion!

  4. J Good says:

    David Wood owned Bassam Zawadi

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