Does the Evidence Show that Christianity is True? David Wood vs. Bassam Zawadi

Date: August 2, 2008 Location: Madinah Educational Center Christian debater: David Wood Muslim debater: Bassam Zawadi For David Wood: http://www.acts17.net/
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. SecretGarden1963 . says:

    Zawadi should be called before a tribunal at the Hague for tormenting
    Scripture. His only consistency is that he’s consistently stupid. IF
    Muhammad was a “prophet”, there’s hope for every ape in Africa! Israel’s
    regathering is strong evidence of the reality of the God of the Bible
    (along with all other Scripture); Islam is evidence of Satan the accuser.
    This is the continuation of the battle that began in the Garden, and
    Muslims pay with their eternal souls for their dedication to the clear
    ignorance of this thing they call their “god”.

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