Do You Want The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

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  1. es0wave says:

    michael talbot’s´╗┐ holographic universe. great book.

  2. daviddtor says:

    Most people do not´╗┐ need the truth in order to be happy.

  3. daviddtor says:

    Totally agreed. Some (not all) inspirational products such as the secret stink to commercial´╗┐ and brainwashing.

  4. saginPhx says:

    You know why I hate that movie “The Secret” more than the multiple reasons why many do? It tied so many people who claim to be “spiritual” with internet marketing and creating wealth etc. It’s fucking sad.

    Life is so much deeper, poignant and beautiful than attracting “abundance.” One of the “keepers´╗┐ of the flame,” Mr. James A. Ray, is gonna find out just how “solid” a prison cell is very soon. He talked the same exact quantum physics game.

  5. frewif says:

    thank you katie, really thank you for sharing my´╗┐ soul.

  6. MintzJunior says:

    i love you katie <3´╗┐

  7. MintzJunior says:

    i love how people´╗┐ say they took the red pill and are just high on the blu pill

  8. fight2legalize says:

    Red´╗┐ Pill….I swallowed it a few days ago! I can feel the effects already!

  9. pchalas says:


  10. MintzJunior says:

    98% took the blue pill… red pill´╗┐ for me …

  11. mpescetti says:

    This is´╗┐ no red or blue pill…;)

  12. xs0heavenly says:

    Awesome video. I’m very similar, constantly questioning everything and always trying to learn´╗┐ new things. Keep it up. ­čÖé

  13. caindabomb says:

    WOW, I went though everything that you talked about starting at 1:21. Now I’m´╗┐ at the quantum physics part in my life. Thanks for the video it kinda backs my way of thinking up.

  14. MrAnimalrocks says:

    can I take´╗┐ both!! LOL!!!

  15. Louiseevans222 says:

    our bodies and´╗┐ everything is energy……..

  16. Crimble67 says:

    Like, oh´╗┐ my god!

  17. ozwasp says:

    Ignorance is bliss….

    Wow, you’re jumping around all over the place…. No pills´╗┐ might be a good idea ­čÖé

  18. DiscoFunk70 says:

    Clearly this is all lies. How can you tell? Katie referred to the whole Matrix trilogy´╗┐ as ‘amazing’ when only the first one was any good.

  19. shamanizing says:

    first the bliss
    then´╗┐ laundry

  20. lazerblu says:

    How can´╗┐ you see the unseen ?

  21. LeadersCare says:

    Quantum Physics is pretty cool, but my main focus is on Metaphysics. I took the red pill in that area of my life when I was only 11 (without realizing I have). As far as finding my purpose and how to exercise that through my career, I took the red pill when I turned 24. It has been very challenging, but I find the most relief´╗┐ in the freedom I have. Great video Katie ­čÖé

    Jennifer Korol

  22. brendandylanmaloney says:

    wow,great video. I felt like I was looking at myself when I was watching your video,not the physical,you are much prettier than I am,the verbal stuff. you should check out greg bradden’s new book called fractal time. It explains 2012 incredibly. I am now sold that there is significance of that date after reading every´╗┐ book on 2012.

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