Do You Want a Lucrative Blog

Do You Want a Lucrative Blog

Article by Stephane Therrien

Relevant content seems to be the latest trend today. Everyone wants to build a blog and create that content for their website. They want to make money with those websites and think the content from those blogs will bring thousands of opt-in customers to their squeeze pages. If you do it properly, you can achieve that and make your blog lucrative.

Before you get started though, you need to decide the goal of your blog. Are you looking to educate people, get sales directly from your blog, direct them to your website with every posts, etc? The worst advice I ever got from a friend when I started was: “Look at other blogs and do the same.” In reality, the average blog is not lucrative. Most bloggers out there don’t make any money with their blog. They spend hours writing articles without a purpose and wonder how come it doesn’t work.

For people to subscribe to your blog and follow your articles, they need to feel like you are offering value for them. With hundreds of thousands of blog online, choice is not an issue. Concentrate on a section, a niche, and don’t take your focus away from it. Be persistent; don’t give up after a few months because you don’t receive the desired traffic. You just need to find out where your target readers are and advertise there. But don’t be stubborn about it. You have to realise when something doesn’t work and be willing to try different things. As Dr. Jim Muncy wrote in his book: One Door, Two Locks…” Perseverance doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over. It means sticking with a goal even if we need to try different things to achieve it.”

Don’ keep your eyes off your goals, but do change the path to get there if the one you took is not working. That decision is not taken after a few short weeks, or even months. Give some time for your ideas to work and if they don’t, then being stubborn won’t serve you well. Move on to a different idea and change the path of your blog. Just do some research first to find out what people are looking for. But also write about something you are passionate about, or you will give up fast.

You may lose some of the readers you had, if the need to change the focus of your blog. But you may stand to win much more. Ultimately, if your goal is to make your blog lucrative, and that is not what you are achieving, then a change is in order.

Of course, you can mix a few different strategies, but don’t be too vague, and offer a service to your readers. Content to your blog is over rated. What people want today is information. Could be information about your own products, information about a niche, and information about a service, offer the pros and cons, they may want entertainment, but will rarely want a mix of different products in the same blog, unless they relate together.

If you want a lucrative blog, you have to offer something of value to your readers. They are asking themselves: “What’s in it for me?” Like Joel Therien says: “WII FM radio is the most popular station.” So offer information for your readers to help them in whatever they need within your niche. And they will follow you and realise what you are selling may be what they are looking for.

About the Author

Stephane Therrien is retired from his full time job and is goal is now to help others achieve that same Freedom that most people stuck in the rat race can only dream of. If you go to my website: http://www.ks-interactive.ca , you will find different ways of of getting started.

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