Do you LOVE ____ ?? – ASS #6

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  1. beginninggms25 says:

    Aww that’s so sweet how he was just like yeah

  2. thedadysgirl07 says:

    if you want to go skydiving you shod try aerodium. its almost the same thing. google it!

  3. 78spunker says:


  4. 78spunker says:

    Awww Ur really sweet 😉

  5. bluebunny576 says:

    the fact that he cares so much for blair really makes me wonder why they broke up.

  6. mechaela97 says:

    Do you love blair.

  7. nataliemiller4111995 says:


  8. FashioNoah says:

    I REALLY hope I can see you on tv one day!!! 😀 You’ll make it for sure!!

  9. PaigeJewel68 says:

    do you have a video on how you got started in acting? or if you dont will you please please make one, im very interested.

  10. SunKissedTanLines says:

    your so obbsessed with twitter

  11. TheTITANICjackrose says:

    Why would someone ask if he loves Blair? I don’t think he’d be dating her, if he didn’t love her!

  12. glossyhalle says:

    AWWW!! U love Blair!! Aww

  13. purplesam1323 says:


  14. jpbeautyflea says:

    No Titanic is his favorite movie.(:

  15. mad33mad33 says:

    See how he got soooo happy at the end by saying he loves blair <3

  16. MegaNora123456 says:

    Kiss Blair already!! -.- and hug her *_* awh-3

  17. zookmp1870 says:


  18. twilighter2005 says:

    Ending was so cuteeee.

  19. jessymae1997 says:

    AWW CUTE!!! hahaa ;] <3

  20. juicyheart17 says:

    you seem so nice! =)

  21. AbbieTheDinosaur says:

    @MyDancer97 Ah I see, thanks! :3

  22. alanakate2 says:

    AWWWWEEEE -3 -3 that’s so cute Sawyer.

  23. MyDancer97 says:

    No he wasn’t in titanic but Leo DiCaprio is like his idol 😛

  24. SydneyyAlexa says:

    You seem like such a sweet person 🙂 !

  25. BlackCatBananaTV says:

    I love the way your voice sounded when you talked about Blaire. So cuuuuute!

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