Do You Choose Love or Fear (Kauai Journey Continues)…

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  1. arsjaad poese says:


  2. zalxder says:

    you words are nourishment for the soul

  3. Mary Beth Givens says:

    Beautiful! I love your videos…need to thank you for all you do for us! I’ve been wanting to move to the Hawaiian islands. Feel the need to for a new start.
    Would you have any ideas on places to live?
    Love & Light,

  4. Gerald Gigerl says:

    WOW, that is more than awesome! I love this

  5. jackrabb33 says:


  6. carlosreyes11 says:

    Ok Kauai! for a moment I thought that you said Kuwait lol. Very cool place indeed!

  7. thexbunni says:

    This is amazing. I truley needed this message today. I have veering towards fear lately and I really needed this reminder to also remember that I am in control of my desicions.

    Thank you 🙂

  8. IronBobcat2278 says:

    Thank you for the wonderful advice.

  9. smtonlinevideos says:

    If I come to Kauai, will you be there? … I would LOVE that! 🙂

    Great Video!

  10. DIDJAH8 says:

    Everyday and forever I choose Love with Light and Peace!
    Namaste beautiful soul !!!

  11. Dee Smith says:

    I went to Kauai when I was 16 and it was very beautiful..me an my sister were on a small bridge near an empty beach and I told her we would jump off together, but I tricked her instead and made her jump alone lol..I jumped after her but yes it felt so free being there and I will take my kids 1 day..thank you for bringing back the memories!

  12. JNdigital says:

    Beautiful, quite lovely energy

  13. moissanitestar says:

    Always chose love….good luck on your journey…..Leland

  14. Antonio Bordalo says:

    Beautiful my dear friend…

  15. jheid47 says:

    Nice reminder about personal transformation. So important for getting from where you are to where you want to go.
    Keep bringing the good content.

  16. Laura Thornton says:

    You are absolutely glowing. I have to go to this place.

  17. oriongemini says:

    Katie, what a great video ! We all need constant reminders to choose love. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to show us around. What a lovely place. I am looking forward to watching your next video !
    Bright blessings,

  18. djsuperstar717 says:

    pretty cool

  19. morhalali says:

    you are so right!
    This is is the core of everything ( :
    LOVE is the answer for all that is beautiful…

    Mor Halali
    from Israel

  20. Brian Fanslau says:

    Grea video! What kind of things are inside the little temple thinger that looks very cool.

  21. Tony M Crane says:

    Thanks for showing around me Katie, I feel like i’m there with you! I definitely choose Love because I believe love is all around us in one form or another and lots of love in me to give away to the world and not except anything in return but to brighten their day or week. And i will continue with that choice every day of my life. See you again soon.


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