25 Replies to “DIY Back To School Locker Makeover! Cheap Ways To Decorate & Organize Your Locker!”

  1. How the fuck would you have room for your actual school surprise after
    this..? Sorry, but if I had all this shit in my locker at my highschool I’d
    get my teeth kicked in LOL. who needs all this shit. It’s high school not a
    locker beauty contest

  2. I love how even though she’s not in school anymore, she still films a whole
    back to school series for her subscribers

  3. Hey! I just watched this Video! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! Its SOOOO
    Energizing and That Locker is SOOOO Pretty n’ Pink! I Love it SOOO Much! I
    Really wanna have the Locker Decor! Love You ♥♥♥

  4. With the amount of bullies I have at my school I would probably get shoved
    into my locker for having one like that. Still cute though 

  5. I wonder why you would dcorate your lokker THAT much, i understand the
    pencil holder and some pictures, but a boa and a chandeliere? I think that
    is WAY to much. It’s not like you are living in your locker.

  6. Where would you actually put your BAG??????? Oh and, I have never seen
    anyone decorate their locker THAT MUCH! I agree with bhindthesea, you only
    spend like two minutes at your locker. FYI: I am not a hater, just confused

  7. Yes! This is the only video I’ve seen that shows a full locker DIY! Most of
    them are just the half lockers, but at my schools we have lockers like
    this! Thanks for the vid! Xoxo

  8. For everyone saying, that’s way to much to put into a locker, she made this
    video for suggestions. You only have to do a couple of these if you want!
    She’s not saying all this has to be in your locker or else. It’s just a way
    to spice things up.

    Love this video btw! I’m homeschooled and will be going to my first year of
    public school next year (8th grade) and this really helps to give me some
    ideas on what to put in my soon to be locker! Thanks!

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