Discovering Your Value in Attraction Marketing

www.onlinewealthpartner.com Discovering your value in attraction marketing. Most people hear if you want to be successful you must lead with value. But, what if you think you don’t have any value to give? I tell you that you do in this video and here’s how to discover what that value is.
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  1. MichelleAlpha says:

    @RejectionFreeCoach Thanks! 

  2. RejectionFreeCoach says:

    Hi Michelle! Very cool approach talking about your first videos and how they allowed you to connect with others and inspire them. It is so true about providing value for people. Everyone has something to offer but they might just need to dig down deep and discover what it is. Great call to action! I’m actually going to do that.

  3. BrandiJRobertscom says:

    Great Video Michelle. You Rock! I am glad I stumbled on this today!

  4. MichelleAlpha says:

    @tomhusby Thanks Tom!!

  5. tomhusby says:

    Great video, I like the part about making a dif. to a few people.

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