Digimon World Re: Digitize – 16 – “Recruiting Digimons”.

“READ DESCRIPTION” Digimon World Re: Digitize / デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ”Recruiting Digimons”. After the events at the colosseum I recruited some digimons. at Singpost Forest: -Meramon: You have to give him 5 Green Digimushrooms that you find in this forest. Also I already have these Digimons: -Greymon: Defeat him. Watch Part 03. -Palmon: Choose First option then second one. -Kabuterimon: Appears near the waterfall. Around 4:00-6:00 Sumerged Ancient City: -Megaseadramon: Give him 5 fishes. -Gomamon: Answer him I already have. Seadramon: Randomly appears at the fishing spot. Watch part 04. Underground Sewers. -Angewomon: Fish at the fishing spot until she appears. It seems that is pretty annoying for her to appear, but lucky me I got her at my first try. I already have: -Garurumon and Geremon: Watch Part 13 Fluorescent Cave. -Gururumon: Complete his training. I already have Piyomon and Leomon Watch Part 14. ============================== This is NOT A COMPLETE Walkthrough, so I’m going to upload some videos of story events and Boss fights, However I will point out How I got the Digimon I’m using and how I got to a certain place. Gameplay is like the PS1 game you have to train your digimon at the gym to increase the stats, each evolution needs a certain attribute requirements, also you have to take your Digimon to the bathroom, feed him and cure him when is sick. ============================== 1st Playthrough Played and Recorded by KyKiske7. System: PSP Enjoy. Pls
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  1. Dennis Wong says:

    Where is Palmon and the waterfall? PLEASE ANSWER.

  2. grayscarlet90 says:

    where is the waterfall

  3. Ryuusey Meteor says:

    where is precisely angewomon is it in the fishing spot or else??

  4. charLsguieb62 says:

    how did u get Angewomon? so lucky :'(

  5. charLsguieb62 says:

    wow that how i recruited meramon without knowing i just got give him 5 green digimushrooms LOL xD

  6. FUKOCHAN01 says:

    como se le hace para angewomon?

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