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  1. alpha22001 says:

    what’s the name of the music

  2. slavric says:

    When we were kids, we played a lot in many different ways. Nowdays most of the kids are in front of computers. I admitt, it has a strong pull (the computer) but it is not normal anymore.

  3. isabelscrazes says:

    I spend 4 hours on facebook a year but then again I am definitely not the average person!

  4. Neko Noke says:

    Can anyone tell me what soft to make this video?

  5. Karthik Bhat says:


  6. cartmanistheman1 says:

    I’m in the bathroom right now…. O.o

  7. Dakkosa says:

    I only have 23 followers on twitter. 🙁

  8. h7p10 says:

    I spend most of my time on youtube ….. laughing at people lol

  9. SuperSuperdude7 says:

    1:54 yeah right you know when 500 hour videos were made?!

  10. 0tehanonymous says:

    Or you are bit too slow my friend.

  11. Princesspoppy2 says:

    i dont have facebook

  12. 1025Julian says:

    My mouth fell open at 0:39

  13. TheMysocialworld says:

    Yes it crossed in 2012 not by popularity but how much time is spend on it. and that’s a fact. You can read it allover the trusted sources.

  14. okaymichellee says:


  15. bilalahmedawantwo says:

    the justin beiber has been watched 741,660,950 times know and there are 1,217,136 likes and 2,616,022 dislikes and after every 5 minutes reload your jusin beiber baby video about 25 to 40 new likes or dislikes are added

  16. torx82 says:

    “60% admits using their smartphone while going to the bathroom” — 40% admit to lying on the survey

  17. msimmonsm says:

    It would be better if there wern’t so many typos

  18. CantShutUpier says:

    lol u got to be shitting me facebook crossed google ?
    more people use google than facebook and half of them has it as homepage xD
    facebook u lier

  19. PurzelPower24 says:

    a little bit to fast

  20. l0zzie88 says:

    Really nice animation!

  21. Mohammed Sallam says:

    big thanks

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