Did Muhammad Exist? Robert Spencer & David Wood vs. Anjem Choudary & Omar Bakri

http://www.jihadwatch.org/ http://www.answeringmuslims.com/ Did Muhammad exist? Robert Spencer’s new book claims that he didn’t. Can Muslims defend the existence of their prophet? In this debate, …

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  1. Freedom FROM Religion says:

    – Did Muhammad exist?
    ~ YES! Because the Qur’an says he existed and we believe the Qur’an.
    – But is the Qur’an credible?
    ~ YES! Because we Muslims believe the Qur’an and the Qur’an says Muhammad
    – But how is the Qur’an credible?
    ~ Why do we Muslims believe Moses existed, why do we believe Jesus and
    Muhammad existed… because the Qur’an says so… also, look how animated I
    am! It is clearly true if I believe it this much.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    The Koran was just a collection of psychotic ramblings by a 7th century
    warlord and paedophile. A holy Ghengis Kahn if you will?

  3. Paul Manning says:

    Why on Earth do these programmes invite the ignorant on to them, like Anjem
    Choudary, therefore giving him a platform to get his sordid untruthful
    hateful message out? Also it’s about time someone asked Choudry where he
    gets his money from, does he work for a living? No! As far as I know this
    creep survives on social benefits from the generous UK tax payers, and then
    he has the hypocrisy to condemn the government of the country he has the
    freedom and right to speak in, the right to do as he pleases. But I tell
    you if this dog had his way he would bring in Sharia by force on the very
    people that have given a home to millions of Muslims, this then will lead
    to no tolerance at all to the very people whose culture the UK has had for
    generations. Choudary I have nothing but contempt for you and your
    hypocrisy, for your unthankful and ungrateful attitude towards the freedom
    loving people of the UK.

  4. Jack Mayoff says:

    Choudary claims again, that “islam is the fastest growing religion” Islam
    is not “growing faster” than other religions because “people are accepting
    it,” but rather because the birthrate among muslims is significantly higher
    than it is among Christians and others, particularly in the West. Kids can
    be raised to believe in just about anything, so growth from a higher
    birthrate hardly constitutes any sort of genuine accomplishment.

  5. Joshua Hults says:

    lol stinks for the muslims

  6. Rufus Chucklebutty says:

    Andy Choudary is not a scholar or imam, he’s a failed law student, that
    spouts absolute rubbish, all the main Muslim organisations in the UK think
    he’s an idiot. He has said those not converting to Islam should be killed.

  7. Waseem Amin says:

    Roobort allso forgets to tell you that must historans as well people well
    known in the fild disaggre with him and he allso makes up history. for
    example the name bit of it can just be anyone. of ahmed or the peace

    thos in short he trows out what he likes and adds what he likes to make a
    crap aggment that might sound consinsinge if you dont study much 

  8. Paul Manning says:

    This is like watching 2 great and knowledgeable professors, who put facts
    and logic to 2 school children, who then childishly keep saying the same
    thing: ‘Look we believe it! You must believe it too!’ They give no answers
    and never address the historical facts that are actually put to them.
    Therefore, the 2 ignorant ones have no argument and therefore have no
    reason to be on this programme, the producer should have got someone that
    knew their subject. I feel sorry for them that they have not put forward
    any logic on behalf of Islam, but as we know they can’t can they? I suggest
    to them that they get to know what they themselves maintain, they are a
    shame to their own faith. As long as they keep saying ‘Just believe it as
    we do” then you have lost your argument right there! Did you go to school
    at all?

  9. andrew sapia says:

    has anyone ever taken up this challenge and then run the results through a
    computer and let the computer decide if it is a surah like it? That would
    be a way to have an unbiased comparison test.

  10. Amir Basheer says:

    ROFL… what a joke..

  11. UsedCondomCollector says:

    Muhammed and Jesus, neither existed

  12. UtoB100 says:

    Who…cares? and if he did, he certainly left an evil violent legacy.

  13. Isabel Chacon says:

    the sheep ate up some part of the Quran.. really ? Why didn’t your so
    called allah protect it ? how can he protect humanity when he can’t protect
    your quran from being eaten up by the sheep ? Hmm contradiction

  14. king of Kings Lord of Lords says:

    Muslims hate it if anyone says Muhammad did not exist, Muslims deny Jesus
    crucifixion did not exist. Muslims are such liars, hypocrites and twist
    words to suit their own purpose !!!! Also Muhammad was a false prophet
    inspired by Satan

  15. andrew sapia says:

    is Omar Bakri a little retarded or something. seriously, how could he
    actually come to a debate. He should be embarrassed. He just repeats over
    and over the Koran says it. It’s like a Nuclear physicist debating a 2nd
    grader. Are you kidding. Is he autistic, I mean I was lying down trying to
    go to sleep while listening and after like the 3rd time of his redundant
    idiocy I just had to respond. Are Muslims really this stupid? Do they
    really just listen to total retards like this. No wonder they have to
    threaten to behead non-Muslims in Muslim countries for challenging Islam,
    because it’s so easy to do. It makes perfect sense now why Muhammad hated
    Christians and Jews because they just aren’t that stupid to believe this

  16. Jean-Louis Blackburn says:

    This is a very informative debate, but…

    Do you just invite men like Choudary on to provide us with a clownish
    minstrel show?

    I’m thankful for the debates that I’ve seen, especially with Nabeel
    Qureshi, but as these progress, they become laborious to sit through after
    to opening fallacies by the Choudary-types.

    BTW, 1 Corinthians 13 is better than any Surah in every way.

    Sounds Like Mohamed was a close 

  17. 1JAMINben says:

    I say unto you O muslims. Your arguments, Yahweh despises. You say unto me
    that you are right, but I say unto you that you are wrong. You say your
    poetry is divine, but I say unto you O muslims your poetry could be better.

  18. Gerald O'Hare says:

    @Fatima, No that is a meaningless statement. That is the same illogical
    mistake born again Christians make about Jesus. The Bible does not prove
    anything by itself. The bible like the Koran is based on faith only. To
    prove that Jesus or Mohamed existed you must have outside sources like
    accounts of people who knew these two men in their time.

    The Roman historian Josphus did give account of Jesus during the time of
    Jesus. So that helps but nothing is
    written of Mohammed during his lifetime. 

  19. agelo says:

    I laughing so hard watching this debate, those 2 mid east clowns really
    funny. This is only prove that
    1.only illiterate and uneducated people will believe in that barbaric book.
    Its the same like, why i believe in harry potter exist? because harry
    potter books said so. And now we have harry potter the prophet 🙂
    2. no body can write the principia like Isaac Newton, that mean we found
    new prophet Isaac and new holy book the principia. And no body can paint
    like Picasso, Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci, playing football like pele
    and maradona, so why we not worshiping them now?? The western have so many
    prophet send by GOD, the jenius who make this world flashing in the night,
    oh jenius prophet tesla. Or the mind who brought simple beautiful GOD
    equation e=mc2, oh mighty jenius lord einstein. 😀
    to claim that something is so different and special its not a miracle.
    Modern people know that, so that is why we dont believe on what that one
    book said and go killing everone who doesnt believe in what we believe.
    That is how you see the different from advance culture and barbaric culture.
    Unfortunately it is really easy to do to claim your self a prophet, even in
    this modern world, just look at Mormonism in USA. so what the different
    from the 6th century b**lcrap vs the 70’s b**lcrap? It taste the same,
    smell the same, only the texture might be a little different. 😀
    3. The mid east holy book is just a book, the same like 3 little pig,
    spiderman or naruto and pokemon, why is that? because NO human progress or
    scientific accuracy and technology development ever born, predicted or even
    inspire directly from that book. What our tech in this day created using
    some revelation from god in that book?.. skype? electricity? car? internet?
    none, nothing, zip, zeroooooo. That book cant even compare to Isaac newton
    the principia in terms how a book can change the whole world or the origin
    of species by darwin, look at how this progress on medical came from.
    The only thing that mid east book top the other book is, that book is one
    of the most inspired book which can justify murder, killing, promote on
    hate and racism. God (if he really exist) must be very proud with us
    killing, murder, rape, slave other people, because of his book said so.

    Come on people, its 2015 and still we trying to accommodate barbaric book
    like that living in our society? you dont have to take my words, just look
    at the middle east, how chaos it is, since 6th century until now, nothing
    progress there, only war, chopping head off, rape, genocide and more more
    violence and everytime they will blame on western countries who cause all
    of the problems, while still trying to deny the real problem its there in
    their own holy book.


  20. seaplaneguy says:

    The challenge is found in Koran 17:88. Ask any Mormon about the Book of
    Mormon. Been there, done that. The Book of Mormon, according to Mormons,
    is “another” testament of Jesus. In other words two different “tribes” and
    locations (middle east and Americas) is required to make the testament firm
    (in this case, rotation), just like putting a nail in a piece of paper.
    Once you put two, the interpretation becomes firm. Three is redundant.
    The Bible is an old and new testament, but both are from the Jews or one
    tribe, and therefore only ONE tribe’s testament over time.

    Sounds like the Mormons have the only viable claim. Moreover, the doctrine
    of intelligence and the Godhead is unique to Mormons, which means it is not
    just another Baal religion like Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.
    Mormon’s claim is the “restoration of all things” which requires Polygamy
    (at some time in the history), priesthood authority, current day prophets,
    and an organization similar to the that founded by Jesus.

    So, the Mormon meet the challenge of Islam. No born again church can meet
    the challenge. 

  21. Isabel Chacon says:

    “quran is so full of constant errors”

  22. Leijona totuus says:

    It is amazing how the Quran follows the same course of development over a
    long period of time after the so called “prophets” supposedly existed as
    the New Testament.
    It is so clear that all of the Abrahamic based religions are Theo-Political
    constructs to control the masses, that you would have to be blind to not be
    able to see it.

  23. Ramrok says:

    Lol Omar Bakri is so ignorant. He’s like an immature kid with his hands on
    his ears ignoring everything that people say and shouting what he believes
    with his eyes closed without having proof for anything. =d(>.<)b= I believe! I believe! I'm blind and I don't think but that is all the proof I need. Hilarious!

  24. Andrew McGarvey says:

    Its just more religious BS. The powerful manipulating the gullible.

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