Depression Medication Vs Natural Remedies – Which is the Better Choice?

Depression Medication Vs Natural Remedies – Which is the Better Choice?

Article by Laura Ramirez

Depression medication can be effective for some people. As one of my friends who takes Paxil, says, “It takes the edge off,” meaning it helps her deal with life. Although she does better on the drug than off it, she is one of the people who can tolerate the side effects. In this article, you’ll learn more about the side effects, three rarely discussed facts about depression drugs and an alternative solution, so you can make the most informed choice for your health.

3 Rarely Discussed Facts about Anti Depression Medication

Anti-depressants can actually worsen the symptoms of depression. The most severe side effects of SSRI drugs include self-injury, suicide and violence against others. You don’t have to think very long and hard to know that it wouldn’t be healthy to exhibit such behaviors, especially if you have children.Pharmaceutical companies have admitted that they don’t know exactly how SSRI medication works or what it’s long term effects are on the brain. So by taking these medications, you are taking a risk.Although SSRI drugs may help you with the blues, they do so by numbing you out to life. Where once your depression may have alienated you from family and friends, on depression medication, you might feel even more removed from life.

These facts coupled with the long list of side effects of anti depression medication-anxiety, weight gain, restlessness, constipation, blurred vision, loss of sexual desire, problems getting to sleep, etc-are the reason why hundreds of thousands of people are turning to holistic remedies. Although herbs like St. John’s Wort should not be used along with prescription drugs and may have minimal side effects in certain individuals (some individuals initially experience fatigue and some tiredness), they pale in comparison to the side effects associated with depression medication.

You may not be aware that herbs like St. John’s Wort and Passion Flower are the primary treatment choice in countries like Germany which is leading the world in finding safer, more effective alternatives to depression medication. After all, how effective can drugs be when they have such a long list of side effects and when their long term effects on the brain are not yet known?

Taken together as a tonic, St. John’s Wort, Passion Flower and Ginseng are very effective. These herbs have been shown to elevate mood and soothe feelings of worry and anxiety. Unlike depression medication, they do not adversely affect your level of awareness by dumbing you down into a zombie-like state.

In conclusion, herbal remedies are a safe, effective alternative to depression medication that may be a better solution overall for you and those who care about your health and emotional well-being.

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