DeLorme inReach 2-way Satellite Communicator

Reliable 2-way satellite communication in remote or high-risk environments, anywhere in the world.
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  1. Patrick Labay says:

    You can use this little gadget without a cell phone to send SOS messages
    and broadcast your location. Or you can connect it via Bluetooth to your
    iOS or Android phone and send two-way text messages. It’s a satellite
    device, so it works from absolutely anywhere.

  2. GaryChap says:

    ” The worlds ONLY affordable 2-way satellite communicator * ”

    * Rest of phone sold separately.

  3. Kandi Klover says:

    Oh perfect one that uses iridium for once instead of shit Globalstar
    network. Still though id just take an iridium fone instead of this junk and
    a crap smartphone

  4. CrestinaAllen says:

    This product from Delorme worked well. I walked the 100 mile wilderness of
    the Appalachian Trail in Maine. It sent out almost all of the waypoints,
    the only ones it didn’t was when we down behind the mountains. here is the
    link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to14fk0nm

  5. dewey veland says:

    do you have to pay an additional fee or subscription for any of the

  6. Justin Pearson says:

    Wanted Delorme inreach SE, Delorme Rep said it would be available locally
    in less than a week….. 1 month later still not available. At the time I
    met the rep at Sportsmans warehouse, there was a 50 $mail in rebate on the
    original Inreach. Last night I went to purchase the original Inreach, as
    the SE is still not available, during the time I waited the rebate expired.
    Essentially trusting the delorme rep cost me 50$. Supposed to receive
    messages every 20min….mine take around 1hr to reach

  7. Girlpages Network says:

    I love gadgets like these; 2-way satellite communication. -Girlpages
    Adventure Club (G-PAC)

  8. Philip Youngerman says:

    How does this unit compare to Spot Connect?

  9. JCraig545 says:

    My dad has one, when he texts to me it shows up on a weird number with his
    GPS location, I can text him back at the same number or his real number,
    Messages take about 3 minutes. PM me if you have any questions

  10. pete519 says:

    looks like a good product.

  11. jimrohi says:

    Excelente equipo. Aquí en Perú, nuestra empresa es representante de marca.
    Pedidos a mi correo, distribución a nivel nacional e internacional.

  12. Lex Faust says:


  13. Anthony Thomas says:

    Spot Connect using your smartphone becomes a 2-way device. The original
    Spot was 1-way only. They are just leveraging all the smartphones
    available. This just a 2 way system the original Spot wasn’t.

  14. Justin Pearson says:

    Continued….. Over 1hr on the phone with delorme trying to figure out why
    it was taking so long to reach my Inreach unit…. Best answer they could
    give me was they might be having “server issues”…… Not the kind of
    reliability I am looking for. Very disappointed

  15. Justin Pearson says:

    Update : after several tests over the last week it seems to work as

  16. Erik Victoria says:

    The text feature needs further explanation! IDIOTS!

  17. Bryce Bowwman says:

    I got the inReach about 2 months ago here in Austin at REI. They expxlained
    to me the pairing to my Android phone, which is pretty nice to use my
    keyboard off the phone to text. Had some issues on pairing the unit, and
    keeping it paired. To send messages back to the device, my dad just it
    reply on his phone to send back a message to my inReach. Its pretty cool,
    and easy to use. I had to manually re-pair it to my phone, but once paired
    works well.

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