Delnaz Irani Promotes in her Style

For more videos logon to www.Bolly2Box.com American citizen, but true Indian at heart, Anik Singal, comes back to Mumbai to make an action packed thriller Hollywood film, but here’s the twist, it’s with all Bollywood crew and cast. He’s finally making his dream come true with his first action thriller spy movie, Lethal Commission, in which Singal is tasked to track down a secret software about to leak into the world. He flips cars, performs his own stunts, gets tortured and of course, falls into a bit of Bollywood romance. We spotted the film’s heroine — model Madhurima Tuli — looking hot in a red bikini. The film also stars Anik himself and model Alankrita Dogra. Anik Singal is making not only his dream come true but preparing to create a goliath in the film industry by bringing together Hollywood and Bollywood’s biggest stars. LETHAL COMMISSION is just the beginning, 2012 promises to be the year to watch this young visionary.

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  1. Prashanth Rao says:

    she is gud luking too….

  2. debudada says:

    There isnt only one dilnaz irani the the world mate lol

  3. derwap says:

    WTF? do u know who delnaz irani is??? :S thats not herrr Fake bullshit

  4. killerme44 says:

    Boht logo ka hath hai iske piche 🙂

  5. Naga Shekar says:

    sexy boobs

  6. rvshpd says:

    nice boobs

  7. ron009ish says:

    lucky guy who marry her

  8. NOMAN AHMAD says:

    most beautiful girl with perfect figure i have seen in my life

  9. Riddick Donny says:

    silicon valley

  10. 415FUL says:


  11. omid Hejdari says:

    shoma be khodet chimigi

  12. arjoolmarjool says:

    ma to shahremoon be ina migim JENDE, farghiam nadare irani bashe ya khareji
    shahre ma esmesh VANCOUVER e !

  13. DrHosseini says:

    khak bar sare toye Irani

  14. Hira Saroye says:

    boobs promotion

  15. cosmic10101010 says:

    this was just a tit review, not product promotion.

  16. Smartpersononline says:

    Real good Melons…. Would like to squeeze them…. put my python on them….

  17. Uday Singh says:

    nice …………………….. huge boobs

  18. kewldemon says:

    Alankrita….Dis gal is next big Thing…!!!

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