Define the steps to generate traffic?

Define the steps to generate traffic?

Article by Dr Balkrishan

If you have a website, your main goal is to get as much traffic and exposure as possible. Two of the best ways to do this are article marketing and blogging. Article marketing has become a very popular method of traffic generation, and for good cause. The big search engine giants out there also like blogs, especially do to their highly ranked hosts and the always fresh streaming content. The correct application of article marketing and blogging can prove to be an invaluable source when it comes to directing traffic to your website, so here are a few tips you can follow to get these techniques working for you.

Article marketing has become a very popular method of traffic generation, and the reason why is simple. People come to the Internet for one of two reasons- they either want to buy something or they want information on something. In providing a product and then valuable information about that product, or any product in general, then you are doubling your marketing power and getting twice the amount of traffic for your site.

Article marketing can be used in one of three ways to generate traffic. You can add articles to your site for fresh content, add articles to a blog to drive traffic to your site, and you can add articles to various article directories to drive traffic to your site as well. Article marketing is such a powerful method because the production (or purchase) of one article employs three techniques to bring you traffic. The most important part of article marketing is that the articles must contain useful information in them, and must not be sales or pushy- good content pays big, bad content pays nothing.

Blogging is another great technique in driving traffic using articles to your website. Search engines absolutely love blogs, especially wordpress.com. This service allows individuals to setup as many free, high quality blogs as you want. Google is thrilled with this site and others like it. The search engines index blogs very quickly and, if you write useful and keyword optimized content on your blog, you will find yourself attracting a lot of attention from various search engines.

When blogging, always make sure that you have your link to drive people to your actual sales or content website and you will begin generating traffic rapidly. blogging is such a powerful method of traffic generation because the popular blog suppliers are ranked so high in the page rankings; resulting in everything they are associated with getting spidery and indexed as rapidly as the suppliers themselves.

Blogging is such a powerful traffic generation technique because search engines love the fresh and new content, resulting in their spiders hanging around longer. Every time you update your blog site, you will be bumped to the top of your section for the category or specific tags that you have selected for your page. If you select your tags carefully and use popular keywords, you may even be receiving sudden urges of traffic. You can then channel such content into various product pages and the main site of your blog and website, getting the most out of your traffic. Additionally, anything else that you have linked to your blog will get spidery as well. Ah, the beauty of interfaced Internet marketing.

With so much opportunity in generating traffic through article marketing and blogs, the ways mentioned above are but a few of the powerful marketing techniques that the top site of the day employ.

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