Debate room now open to all who have courage to debate

See article below & Rejoice Christians! Jesus is risen† http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110330/ts_yblog_thelookout/could-lead-codices-prove-the-major-discovery-of-christian-history…
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  1. shockofgod says:

    @bassmekanik1 yeah it has been full up but a space just opened hurry lol

  2. bassmekanik1 says:

    dude i have been trying to get in forever

  3. JonathanOnLife says:

    Congratz on 1′,000th Video

  4. Steve Thompson says:

    do atheist ever take on Prophets? I Am here to Teach The Gospel Not to
    figure out someone technical puzzle that has technical problems.

  5. Fuckyou says:

    @balanceseeker -.- Wow Atheism FTL FOR THE LOSE

  6. shockofgod says:

    @omgwtfbbq6666 the room is full we have 50 in there now…keep trying

  7. devilman0102 says:


  8. Deanna Seawright says:

    hello im Deanna i am on the chat right now, i just wanted to take the time
    to thank you, since back then when i subscribed to you i would like to say
    you have made me a better christian i am 14 and i always found it hard to
    grasp hold of it all i mean yes i was a believer but it was all sort of
    confusing and such, and you hve helped me a lot 🙂

  9. shockofgod says:

    @hulk43224 hey shaun great to see you there

  10. Mark Of The Truth says:

    Hey Shock.. my brother can I ask do you follow any denomination?

  11. Ronald Thao says:

    @shockofgod hahahh I will be there to watch them trip over themselves haha

  12. airsoftsniper3 says:

    HAHAHA and vegetarians hehe

  13. bassmekanik1 says:

    Im trying to get in.

  14. Ronald Thao says:


  15. dylan graham says:

    wow, very interesting mix of people lol

  16. donotresussitate says:

    This will be so exciting. Can’t wait to jump in. Great work Shock!

  17. shockofgod says:

    @StarRonKid hey friend see you in chat tonight I have some atheists that
    are coming in trying to prove atheism is true. You can watch them fail

  18. bridgerbergman says:

    Isn’t it hard to keep winning, bud? You rock Shock!! Big fan.

  19. Aquila Aer says:

    Lough at vegetarinas… (yes), do that… But who knows that if not the
    meaning of life and the meaning of a highly developed intelligent creature,
    is to find food which doesn´t take other lives to be able to do that; but
    which saves lives?And… And, maybe to become able to do what nobody solong
    believes is possible to do – to even find food for other animals like
    predators TO FIND FOOD which takes no lives. Otherwise, why are we here
    what are the reasons?!!!

  20. MichaelGabrielR says:

    @shockofgod Madness?! THIS… IS… ROMANS 14!!!!!1!!1!!one!!1! (btw, I’m
    not a vegetarian)

  21. Fudmottin says:

    Vegitarianism is MADNESS!

  22. shockofgod says:

    @Fudmottin yes..

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