Death Rides A Horse

Director Giulio Petroni’s all-but-forgotten spaghetti Western pairs Danger: Diabolik hero John Phillip Law with villain Lee Van Cleef. As a boy, Bill had watched helplessly as bandits slaughtered his parents. Now, more than a decade later, grown-up gunslinger Bill (Law) scours the Old West for his family’s killers, eventually joining up with Ryan (Cleef), a criminal who’s also looking for the bandits.

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  1. ThyDavideth says:

    It does but it’s in 2 Regional coding. By MGM! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? You’ll find it on Amazon or Ebay.

  2. MontagTheMagician says:

    Does this film exist at all in letterbox/widescreen? Can’t find a letterbox version anywhere. Same thing with A Town Called Hell.

  3. VictorECooper1 says:

    great western

  4. sirsartana says:

    Great Lee Van Cleef Sw!!!!!

  5. BadguyturnedGood says:

    The kid is good. Gonna dish out some ass whoopen to the gang memebers that killed his family. Fight fire with fire sometimes that is what humans do. Not everyone is able to turn the other check everytime… although we should.

  6. oscarman58 says:

    Great western…all the right ingredients in good measure.

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